5 Outdoors Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy with Dad

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Children love spending time with dad, especially by having fun outdoors! Dad’s are notorious for being fun, even when it’s hot and sweaty outside! This summer presents the perfect opportunity for them to engage in various activities in the warm weather. But, of course, the type of activity they will choose depends on the children’s age and hobbies. We are sharing 5 outdoor activities your kids will enjoy with dad!

Nonetheless, if you cannot come up with any ideas, try something new and out of your comfort zone. Who knows, your children might have a hidden/unexplored talent or passion. After trying some of these activities, they may learn to love them while bonding with dad!

It is not uncommon for you to be at a loss on where to start when looking for new outdoor activities. Here are a few suggestions you could consider and deliberate on with your kids:

5 Outdoor Activities Your Kids will Enjoy

Hiking is the first of the 5 outdoor activities your kids will enjoy with dad! The pandemic makes hiking seem like the perfect getaway from crowds. If your kids go on a hike with dad, you have the assurance that their covid-19 vulnerability is zero. In addition, walks happen in the most isolated areas in a state- hence your kids can maintain social distancing and have fun at the same time.

To take this activity a notch higher, your kids can learn about camping skills from dad. Survival in the middle of nowhere is a crucial skill to have, especially since 2020 proved that life is uncertain.

Watching a Live Match

Fortunately, cable television brought live matches to your couch. Therefore, let your kids sit down with their dad for a live game of a shared sports interest. In a parallel world in the past two years, they would have gone to a physical match.

Social distancing guidelines are explicit about the limit of the number of people per gathering- therefore, a face-to-face match attendance will be an inconvenience. However, if you have the connections to get VIP tickets, by all means, take that chance.


Bass fishing has grown in popularity over the last decade, and so has the neko rig. It is the most efficient rig design to catch bass. As a result, if your husband happens to be an excellent or aspiring angler, let him have the chance to educate the kids on this trend.

Moreover, fishing calms the mind and reduces stress hormones in the body. This therapy is vital because of the frustrations and losses of the past eighteen months. Your kids will learn not only a new skill but also bond with their dad over it.


If your kids are a little older, they could use some physical activity once in a while. If your partner needs to keep fit, encourage them to take one of your teenagers along. Furthermore, the morning and evening jogs will give your kids and partner something to talk about and a release for the lockdown weight gain.

A Road Trip

Dads could use some time away from home to rejuvenate the mind and restore appreciation for life. A road trip for dad and his kids is an amazing thing to do at least once, especially before your kids head off to college. The memories from these trips will never fade away.

Your partner deserves to bond and converse with the kids as much as you do. There is no excuse for not setting up a day or two to spend quality time for dad and the kids. The above suggestions are an excellent place to start but preferably plan for activities that coincide with your partner’s or kids’ interests.


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