Interior Design Trends That Break The Accepted Style

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What are the trends of home design these days? Things haven’t stood still despite a different way of the world at the moment. We have seen the home interior design industry really stride forward with new and innovative thinking. There is a need to change and develop something never seen before. This is something that you might be akin to if you look around your home and find that you get bored of looking at your seating, kitchen cabinets and approach to natural light. It’s a good idea then to take inspiration from some of the trends that are trying to break the chains of boredom and really challenge the accepted items, decor, fittings and colors. These are some of the trends you can implement now.

Texture and furniture

After years of leather and smooth surfaces on seating, there has been a renewed surge of texture throughout the modern home. One of the materials that are really making headway is velvet. This kind of material is soft to the touch and smooth. It’s great for sofas because it is easy to clean, something that cotton or wool would make harder. It’s okay to also have the sofa in a pattern such as pet patterns, floral, or perhaps stripes. Of course this is going to be on the sofa cushions and this something you will need to decide. If you have one large cushion then perhaps, sticking to bolder colors is going to be better.

The reason why texture is so popular right now is, leather has become boring. It’s too bland and too common, so something that feels good on the hand as you run over it is going to be more popular. Textured seating and other furniture such as reading chairs and footstools, also fit well in a textured room. If you don’t have plain cabinets and drawers, it’s going to look and feel better to have texture continuity.

Living room light

Perhaps the most striking trend of this year has been living room shutters. As the temperatures rise and heat waves scour the land, having some kind of break from the sun without drawing the curtains is a great style opportunity. On this great website you can find living room shutters designed for narrow and wide windows. The low-ceiling period shutters are superb in white and beige. They look great in modern homes just as in traditional homes. You can also control the light in the room by shutting the top shutters and opening the bottom. Or you can choose several different openings to filter just the right amount of natural light into the room. Not to mention, which shutters you open and shut, will also determine which angle the light enters into the room.

Broken plan

The open plan living that so many of us have enjoyed, has fallen down in favor. The broken plan has now been given a chance to spread and it seems to be latching onto the mainstream design style. Broken plan living means that people have their own space in the home. Rooms are defined by their own style and they won’t be seamless in their transition either. The key is to think of each room as it’s own world. You should be free to explore your styles more than the open plan because it has one singular style.

Broken plan rooms have different cabinets, drawers, tables and seating. Each room looks like it is in another home. To allow for greater flexibility, you should consider zoning a room. Set some stylish items outside the room so you get a flavor of what to expect when you enter it. The bookcases, curtains and chairs can all be the most iconic striking features which set the room apart. Different color curtains, different seating plans, really give the home a different vibe. Each room is different and that makes guests feel like your home has a lot of versatility.

Wallpaper again

For a few years, painted walls and exposed walls have been the two most popular choices. However, wallpaper is going to be seen all over once more because it gives a different style approach. For one thing, you can have symmetrical patterns, designs and be able to match your seating. For example, if you have beige wallpaper, you may find that beige seating is going to complete your look. However, beige wallpaper doesn’t have to be bold, it can have patterns of brown and cream, green plants and other distinct designs.

But what has made wallpaper become so popular? It’s because exposed walls and painted walls have taken some character away from the home. It’s nice to see continuity in style and simple bold colors. However, the patterns you can have on wallpaper give more depth to a room.

Patio couch

Natural materials 

It seems like synthetics and faux materials are not receiving the same amount of love they once were. Climate change and eco-friendly materials are the two most forefront priorities of homeowners who love style. If some brands do not support eco-friendly design then you may want to think twice about buying their products. Synthetics like polyester and fiberglass are falling out of favor, and wood and cotton, wool, and linen are rising.

In the patio, rattan furniture has shot up by about 809% and metal chairs are being replaced. Not only are wooden chairs more comfortable, but they also do not get as hot in the sun as stainless steel chairs. Not to mention, they can be more stylish as carving various patterns and motifs into them is cheaper and easier than shaping metal. You may also want to buy a wooden dining table for your patio instead of metal and glass tables. Wooden tables are more sustainable and they just look better among flora and fauna.

These interior design styles are breaking the accepted styles we have become used to. They are quite interesting, especially the broken plan surge as it really changes the entire approach to living. 

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