10 Must-haves for happy holiday travel with kids

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‘Tis the season for dashing through the snow — in a car or on a plane — off to Grandma’s house we go! Adding small children to the mix makes this terribly exciting — and a huge stress-factor for lots of moms. I know this, firsthand, so I’ve gathered together a list of the best products to make your holiday travel with kids as easy as pumpkin pie… mmmmm pumpkin pie.

Holiday Travel with Kids: Portable Night Light from Skip Hop

1. Skip Hop Take-Along Nightlight

Possibly the cutest way to keep nighttime fears at bay, the Skip Hop Take-Along Nightlight mixes the adorable characters from their Zoo collection that your kids already know and love with portable, cord-free nightlights. They are easy to use with only one big button on the back and an automatic 30-minute shut-off. This little night light is perfect for middle-of-the-night potty trips in unfamiliar places or for comforting one child without keeping everyone else in the hotel room awake. Also comes in monkey and butterfly. (Skip Hop Take-Along Nightlight, $18)

Zoomkit Pic
2. ZoomKIT by Kids Go Co

Are we there yet? Keep your kids occupied and happy with the ZoomKIT, a portable desk that can be used in the car, stroller or on its own. What makes the ZoomKIT so genius is the interchangeable ZoomIN inserts — from a miniature art kit to a bento box style lunch box — allowing you to quickly and easily go from one activity to another while on the move. My favorite is just the basic universal ZoomIN. For one car trip, I actually filled it with popcorn for a movie, which kept my 5-year-old entertained and popcorn off my car seats! ZoomKIT comes in two colors and ZoomIN inserts are sold separately. (ZoomKIT, $50)

Travel Must-Have: Car Seat that Converts into a Stroller

3. Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller

From the airport to errands, it really doesn’t get any easier than this. The Doona Infant Car Seat is the first of its kind to go from a car seat to full stroller system, all in one adorable little package. Gone are the days of lugging around your car seat and travel system, with the Doona all you do is lift and pop out the integrated wheels and you’re off. And less stuff means more room in your car for everything else. Weighing only 15 pounds with a child weight limit up to 35 pounds, now coming in several vibrant colors and with a variety of accessories, the Doona is all you will need when the last thing you need is one more thing. Plus, it’s FAA approved! (Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller, $500)

GB Pockit Stroller for Travel with Kids

4. GB Pockit Stroller

The talk of the ABC Kids Expo this year, the GB Pockit Stroller goes from a full size umbrella stroller to being small enough to fit under the plane seat in front of you in seconds (see how it works in our Instagram video!). However, don’t think you’re sacrificing options for this outstanding fold as the GB Pockit comes with a sunshade, locking swivel front wheels, a height-adjustable 5-point harness, an 11-inch basket, removable and washable fabric and a one-touch rear brake system. Useful for babies from 6-months, up to 55-pounds and weighing only 9-pounds this is the ideal stroller for jet-set families. (GB Pockit Stroller, $229, Available Spring 2016)

Great for On-the-Go: Portable, Foldable Highchair

5. GoTo 2-in-1 Infant Car Seat Station and High Chair

When it comes to seating for small children at a restaurant, options are limited, at best. For your infant car seat, it becomes downright dangerous (flipped over high chair anyone?!). Introducing the GoTo 2-in-1 Infant Car Seat Station and High Chair. Portable and lightweight with its own carrying case, this high chair safely holds your infant car seat and then easily converts into a toddler high chair, complete with a 5-point safety harness. (GoTo Infant Car Seat Station and High Chair, $60)

Finally! A Portable Baby Gate!

6. NAVIgate Portable Baby Gate

Traveling with little ones as much as I do, I’d have to say one of the hardest parts is being out of our element with dangers literally around every un-babyproofed corner. While we can’t control everything, the NAVIgate helps control where your child has access when you aren’t at home. When you usually think of baby gates, big bulky plastic walls comes to mind, but the NAVIgate changes that with a strong transparent mesh and a unique ratcheting and tube system that makes this amazing baby gate safe, easy to install, and most importantly, portable as it comes with its very own travel case. (NAVIgate, $98)


7. b.box Travel Bottle Drying Rack

Washing bottles, binkys and sippy cups on the go just got a tad bit more stylish — and easy — with the b.box Bottle Drying Rack. With a flat fold for easy storage and coming in four vibrant colors, the b.box bottle drying rack is just what you need when counter space is at a premium. (b.box Bottle Drying Rack, $18)

The Best Portable Travel Beds for Kids
8. The Shrunks Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed

Last week, we had an impromptu sleepover and thankfully I had the Tuckaire Indoor Toddler Travel Bed. It took only seconds to blow up since it comes with its own pump and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. What makes this bed so special is the ability to tuck the sheets in around the center and the “bedrails” insuring your little one doesn’t go rolling off in the middle of the night. From sleepovers to just having an extra bed when your house is full of visiting family, the Tuckaire is perfect for keeping the littles comfy all night long. (Tuckaire, $79)

A Travel Humidifier That Only Needs a Glass of Water!

9. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Travel Humidifier

Traveling with a sick child is no joke, which is why Crane (known for making awesome and adorable nursery humidifiers) created a brand new humidifier that’s completely portable. What we love about this product is that it can be used in any standard sized cup while running whisper quiet for up to 10 hours. Includes its own travel pouch and has a power adapter that plugs into a standard outlet or USB port. (Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Travel Humidifier, $38)

Best Diaper Bags for Traveling with Kids
10.  Pacapod Portland Diaper Bag

Pacapod’s motto is “No matter where you wander… everything’s in its place” but I think it should be “the uber-organized part of your brain will do a happy dance” because yes, it will. Each Pacapod diaper bag comes with a Feeder Pod and a Changer Pod that are removable and will strap onto your stroller. And, the Feeder Pod even turns into a mini backpack. In addition, the Portland’s exterior is water resistant, has a large parent pocket that kept my keys, giant wallet and even bigger phone all within quick and easy reach. If all of that isn’t enough there is a third huge middle pocket for everything else. In fact, you will more likely run out of stuff to put in your Pacapod Portland before you run out of room! (Pacapod Portland, $260)

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