Pacapod diaper bag

Stepping out with the Pacapod Diaper Bag

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Pacapod diaper bag

The Portland Pacapod

For many of us, the second that little stick pops up with a plus sign we start to think about all of the stuff we are going to need. Oh sure we take a moment to celebrate, shake off the shock that it has finally happened for us, and/or hug our partner because, well, life is now changed forever and this is something to savor.

Once you are finished your celebrations (and mourning the loss of a glass of wine at dinner every night), you start making your list: onesies, diapers, wipes, burp clothes, etc. But where in the world will you put it all? The logical answer is a diaper bag. Let me be the first to tell you, not all diaper bags are created equal. Some bags create chaos, while others, like the Portland by Pacapod, shine a light on just how organized life with a baby can be.

Portland PacapodJacqueline Waggett, the genius behind the British company Pacapod, saw a need for more organization in her own life. She didn’t want to scrounge through a monstrous bag anytime she needed a snack for her kids. After years working as a designer for outdoor gear, and cycling the world with only 2 bike bags, she was ready to tackle the diaper bag when her own wee ones came along.

What she came up with is a stylish bag that can hold two “pods,” one insulated for baby food, snacks and milk, and the other for diaper changing accouterments. No longer would parents find a dirty diaper next to their kid’s sandwich, a very unsanitary and gross discovery I assure you. Now mom could throw her laptop and wallet in the same bag as her kid’s diapers, change of clothes, stuffed animal and lunch.

Portland Pacapod diaper bagThe sleek design of this black bag was manly enough for my husband to carry with ease, while still being practical for our every day activities. Swim camp was a breeze as I whipped out a swimsuit for my oldest and a few snacks to keep the baby entertained. Yogurt stayed cool in the insulated pod all morning until it could be consumed when I dropped the kids off with their dad for a little playtime at the office. I loved that I could take out one or both pods to hand off, or even clip to a stroller separately from the main bag. Even better, there were built in hooks for each pod, plus straps for the bag if I wanted to sling my Pacapod over the grocery cart handle. Finally the baby didn’t have to share the cart seat with my huge purse.

One trick to this bag is that although you can easily find the things you need for your kids, mom’s stuff can be a little more difficult. There are pockets to hold what I needed easy access too, but with everything I had to carry, it was hard to shove my hand in there to get my notebook or even wallet out on our busiest day. The bag does expand, but it feels very bulky. I liked it better when I could zip up the bottom for a smaller, more compact bag. When we weren’t running at top speed, I could still carry the pods for the kids, while leaving the additional compartments and pockets available for my laptop, wallet, keys, lip gloss, phone, and a few pens and a notebook.

Portland PacapodThe Portland is the mid-range bag and definitely a lifesaver for anyone looking to get organized when out with their kids. If you love a little leather and want to add some fun fashion to your mama look, check out the Phoenix in the Pacapod luxury line. My heart skips a little beat just thinking about that slouch style bag.

Pacapod ZebraAnd don’t worry, if your kids get jealous of your snazzy new bag, there is one for them too. Adorable animal print backpacks for boys and girls allow you to put all their most treasured possessions in one spot. There is also a leash if you need to keep a tight hold on your little runner. A photo slot in front allows your child to personalize their bag, or just remember their favorite loved ones back home when they travel.

So is this bag for you and your little one? Well as Pacapod says, “If you have a head for organization and a heart for style this will be a bag you can’t live without. Now all you need to decide is which changing bag is for you?”

Disclaimer: I was sent the Pacapod for review. The above is my own savvy sassy opinion.

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