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We are well into the summer and many of us may be running our of activities to do with the kids! I for one was anxiously waiting for school to end so that we no longer had to engage in online learning, however, I forgot how much time and energy mom camp involves! This summer, especially after a year and a half of online learning, we have jumped into a summer powered by Osmo! Our love for Osmo has inspired and influenced playful learning in our home this summer.

A summer of play and learning

I don’t need to reiterate the fact that the last year was a complete mess for students everywhere. While the teachers were great and did a great job, online learning is just not the same as in person learning and many students lost out. Most children didn’t learn nearly as much as they needed to and many fell behind. Additionally, there was a lot of confidence lost for students that they will need to rebuild.

This summer, we have decided that instead of waiting for school to begin again in September, that we have been incorporating learning into our summer of fun! Osmo is hands-on play for children with the use of technology. The Osmo brand creates educational games and uses various game pieces to keep kids engaged with their hands. These pieces range from coding directions and buttons, to play money and pretend pizzas, to addition & subtraction games! Since its beginning, Osmo has won numerous awards, and continues to keep children learning through interactive, hands-on play! Osmo is creativity at its best from the creative kit that encourages drawing to Coding Awbie which teaches kids how to code. No matter the game, kids learn while they have fun!

Extend your Osmo time to learning in the home

As a parent, the last thing I want to see are my kids glued to a screen all summer. When Osmo comes out, I love that they play together, that they are engaged in what they are doing and that they are learning without feeling like they are learning! While Osmo is time on the screen, it is guilt-free, healthy screen time.

There are many ways to extend Osmo game play into a day full or learning! From a backyard scavenger hunt for objects to trace in Monster to creating a family talent show by performing music made in Coding Jam. There fun on and off the screen is endless!

Inspire your Summer play

Not only is Osmo our go-to activity at home this summer, but it is also our go-to birthday gift! We feel that every home should have Osmo and what better time that a birthday to gift it! Osmo had inspired our summer or fun and we want it to inspire yours too!

Join us for a Twitter Party

Join us July 30th at 6PM PST/9PM EST for a Twitter party sponsored by Osmo, #PoweredByOsmo. We will be chatting for an hour about our summer activities and how Osmo has influenced playful learning in a summer where children will benefit from some educational fun! We will be giving away from some Osmo accessories PLUS an exclusive discount code!!

  • 2 winners will win Osmo’s small carrying case
  • 2 winners will win Osmo’s large carrying case
  • All will receive a discount code to shop at 20% off!
  • Date: July 30th, 2021 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST
  • Host: @savvysassymoms
  • Sponsor: @playosmo
  • RSVP Below To Win 
  • Follow @savvysassymoms@playosmo

Participate in our chat on Twitter by answering the questions asked by @savvysassymoms and send a response tweet to @savvysassymoms with your answer and use the hashtag #PoweredByOsmo. The more you engage, the more likely you are to win! Make sure to include #PoweredByOsmo in every tweet.

We can’t wait to hear about some of your kids summer routines and summer traditions. Join us to share your summer activities with us and to learn more about how to add Osmo into the fun for a summer #PoweredByOsmo!

Join us!

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