Fashion Gifts For Men That Always Work

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Do you have a man who takes a little more care of his looks than most? Perhaps he likes to look his best or perhaps you simply want to help him better present himself while giving him the feeling of sense of self-worth that a good style gift can offer. If so, here are a few gifts that always hit the mark.

A nice set of ties

Does your man work in a professional environment that requires him to wear a tie? There are two types of guys in such environments: those that can wear the same tie every day without fail and without thinking about it, and those who start feeling self-conscious if they wear the same tie more than once a week. Getting a good pack of high-quality ties can be a nice little stocking filler for any man in the latter category.

A good pair of business casual shoes

A nice pair of penny loafers or the other kinds of business casual shoes shown at Esquire are a versatile gift and one that he’s sure to appreciate, especially if his current footwear is starting to look a little bruised and beaten. Unlike purely formal footwear, they’re casual enough to be worn every day, but they also heighten his sense of prestige a lot more than the average pair of sneakers.

Something with his name on it

Don’t underestimate the power of a little personalization. Getting a gift that is personalized to another individual is your way of showing that you value them and want to support them as an individual. It helps them stand out, and with men, there are lots of accessories like personalized wallets that can impart that sense of additional self-worth. It’s a good way to give them warm feelings every time they look at or use that gift.

Watch his eyes light up

If there’s one accessory that makes the man’s outfit more than anything else, it has to be the watch, doesn’t it? According to WatchBox, the “Holy Trinity” of watches are the three most prestigious and popular on the market right now. For any kind of professional or formal wear, a really good watch communicates a man’s sense of style and status. As such, investing in a good watch can really show him how much you think he is worth beyond money alone.

The nose knows

A good fragrance is a great gift for anyone, man or woman. Aside from helping them ensure they’re presentable to every sense, not just one, there is something a little intimate about giving the man you love some aftershave. It’s like saying “I like how this makes you smell,” which is a romantic message to give to anyone.

If you want to give your man a good style gift, then it’s important to take your time, do your research, and know your stuff. Real style is usually something of an investment so be sure that you’re not giving him something that feels cheap.

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