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Are Fashion Shows Relevant in the Face of Social Media?

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It wasn’t long ago that many of us weren’t able to see fashion shows up close and personal. Now we can all view fashion shows online through videos, write ups and photos. When I sit in the audience (sometimes stand) at a fashion show, I can see the garments flow, shine and watch an ongoing story. Some of these presentations are fantastical. With so many ways to gain access to the seemingly exclusive world of fashion, are live Fashion Shows Relevant in the Face of Social Media?

fashion shows relevant

Are Fashion Shows Relevant in the Face of Social Media?

I would say, “yes.”  Many of us get our sense of fashion from social media and our favorite influencers. However, I should note, that occasionally you will see the same influencers at the same shows over and over again. You just may have to mute the monotony for a bit until it is all over. I believe there is something very refreshing about seeing a new designer presenting their very first collection. We don’t know what we don’t know, right? How can we see new styles, if we are not open to going to these new designer’s shows?  Of course, we want to see our favorite designers present their latest collection but to see an aspiring designer showcase a collection, we get to expand our horizons and see clothing that we never knew existed.

To go or not to go?

fashion shows relevant

If you are not invited or are seated in the back row, don’t fret. It really is riveting to see so many shows online from the comfort of your own bed, without getting glammed up to attend. Major fashion houses live stream presentations. Or of course, you can view shows on Instagram, which is fantastic since not all of us have the luxury of being able to see these collections up close.

Are fashion shows exclusive?

From my experience, Influencers travel from all over to attend their favorite designers shows. Many PR agents keep their influencer and “friends” at the show exclusive. In fact, last night, I heard a PR agent tell one patron to “just sit in the back row, we will send you imagery.” Then a friend of hers said, “Oh, take the seat up front. I don’t think anyone is sitting there.”

In my experience of attending Fashion Week, I have learned that though the air of many designers tends to veer on the exclusive side, and do not allow many attendees. If you are not invited, it is not the end of the world. You can always view all of your favorite designers online.

Appreciate the invitation

fashion shows relevant

It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to any show, including new designers. The designer’s show could be their first, and they could be presenting what is a lifelong dream of theirs. Without the support of their audience, they would never have the opportunity to share their collection. It’s important to take a chance on a new face, you never know if they’ll become the next trend.

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  1. What an interesting question. Coming from a non-fashion person, here’s what my experience has been. I had the privilege to attend 1 show at fashion week through work. It was SO fun! Even though I don’t consider myself a high-end fashion girl, I just felt like I was in the movies, or in Sex and the City. So I say, there’s still nothing like a live show.

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