Postpartum Life: What I'm Thankful For

Postpartum life: things I’m thankful for

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Our new baby isn’t the only thing that has made life worthwhile over the last several weeks. In fact, I am grateful for a lot of things related to postpartum life. I’ve learned that it’s the simple things that can help a mom keep her sanity after delivery.

Postpartum Life: What I'm Thankful For

Some things never change

After the births of my children, I go home from the hospital, walk straight to my bedroom and stay there for two weeks. Some may think I am crazy, but I do it because a) it is what every woman in my family has been told to do by our mothers and grandmothers, and b) to allow my body to get the proper rest and healing. For goodness sake, I just pushed out a seven pound ball of baby! During the following weeks, I stay cooped up in the house a lot. I mostly do it for the sake of the baby’s health, but I must admit, postpartum life isn’t always easy.

We welcomed our third daughter into the world just weeks ago. As we prepared for her arrival, my husband and I realized a lot has changed in the world of babies since the birth of our second child. There are tons of new gadgets, countless moms running their own baby product shops and many strides made connecting baby gear with technology. Some things about life with a baby, especially during the early weeks of postpartum, will never change, such as: not being able to wear those favorite jeans right away, staying away from the spiciest thing on the menu (a big no-no for breastfeeding moms) and the lack of sleep, amongst other things. 

All that being said, there are so many things I’m thankful for about postpartum life. These are some from the top of my list.

Postpartum life: 9 things I’m thankful for

Friends who come over with food
Need I say more?

Social media
Night feedings can be long. Facebook and Instagram keep me entertained and awake until Baby is done. What would life be without funny memes and viral videos?

Stores with online ordering and same-day pick-up
Sending my husband to the store for items doesn’t always result in getting exactly what I requested. Ordering online and sending him to pick up the order an hour or so later is perfection.

Hot showers
Two minute showers are an escape (and some days a luxury), except for when I turn the water on and off a thousand times thinking I hear the baby crying. Darn phantom cries!

My water bottle
Hormones go absolutely nuts post-baby. Having a stainless steel water bottle keeps my water ice cold and saves me from night sweats. Is this what it feels like in the Sahara desert?

I shouldn’t have to explain why these things are heavenly. However, if you don’t know, leggings are always comfy. They never failed me, neither during pregnancy or postpartum.

Decaf coffee
Breastfeeding means less to no caffeine, so I pretend I am gulping a cup of energy. The smell of coffee alone allows me to decompress.

Hair cap and bonnets
I have gone days without doing my hair. What better way to cover the mess on my head so I can look halfway decent for visitors?

Where are my kids? Oh, they are playing with LEGOs for the second consecutive hour in a row. Winning!

Postpartum life: things I’m thankful for

What has made your postpartum life manageable?

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