Planning a Baby Shower

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10 Tips for a Creative Baby Shower!

1. Invitation– Typically once you find the invitation you have the inspiration for the theme.   The invitation is what sets the tone and style of  any event.  I really like this invitation because it’s modern and uses the non-traditional baby blue, it’s masculine yet soft.  tiny prints has the most amazing selection of baby shower invitations, birth announcements and thank you cards.  I am positive you will find your party inspiration there.

2. Theme – Just because you choose a monkey theme doesn’t mean your house needs to look like the Rainforest Cafe and have monkey’s swinging form the chandeliers.  Don’t over due it – the guests at the baby shower are adults the only child there will not see the 500 monkeys.

3. Seasonal ColorsYou don’t have to stick to baby blue socks or a baby pink stroller you can brighten things up a bit or play off the season of the year.  In the fall use browns with pink, blue, or orange, in the summer use bright yellow and aqua blue’s, winter play up a classy white & silver color pallette and in the the spring use some pretty greens within the decor.5. Diaper Cake– do it yourself!  I’ve made a handful of these diaper cakes and it’s super fun and easy.  Not to mention everyone will be super impressed!   They make a charming centerpiece on the food table and the new mom gets her first stock of diapers.   There are plenty of videos on how to make a Diaper Cake6. Think outside the “mint box”  for a party favors.   Keep your eyes peeled for deals on lipgloss, nailpolish, manicure sets, lotions, candles, make up bags or travel sized items.  Place them in a cellopane bag with a cute bow for all the guests to take home.  (you can create custom stickers to go on the bags too) 4. Personalize something – at least one thing should have the mother’s name, baby’s name or a monogram to make the party a little more custom and add that special touch.  Cookies, water bottles, napkins, stickers, bea-coup  can personalize just about anything – even rice krispie bars! 

7. Assign an assistant if any of the guests have an older daughter age 8 -12 , they make the best assistants.  Or ask someone coming to the party if they can help you with the games, re-filling food, log the gifts, passing out the cake and picking up all the wrapping paper.
8. Decoratewith candy that matches the theme lollipops, taffy, chocolates, jelly beans, gumballs, hersey kisses put them in clear jars and scatter them around the room.   I always like to get baby shower decoration ideas from Hostess with the Mostess.

9. Mocktailseveryone loves a fun flirty drink, but they don’t need to have alcohol to taste good.  It’s cute to have everyone sipping mocktails in martini glasses and the mom to me looks super chic enjoying mocktail with a big belly.  Some of the best recipes I’ve found are a Mom-ito, Glow Mama-polotian, Fuzzy Green Navel and a Mom-osa over at Glow Mama.

10. Pictures – Remember to take pictures, there is alot of chatting, laughing and things to get done at a Baby Shower but don’t forget to take pictures!  Everyone loves a “Generation Picture”  Make sure you get Daughter, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma all together for one special shot.  That assigned assistant in #7 comes in handy here too.

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Savvy Sassy side note:I wrote this blog post last year while participating in the TwitterMoms and Tiny Prints blogging program, I brought it back in honor of “All about the Bump Month!”

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  1. will be passing this information on to my baby shower hostesses 😉 but the drink to glow website link isn’t working 🙁

  2. Great tips — especially the idea to assign an assistant and to make a fun signature mocktail for the party!

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