Personalizing jewelry that works for you

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Right now, personalizing everything from a tee to your jeans is on trend — and why not? It is a great way to define your signature style and set yourself apart from the rest. Van Der Hout Jewelry has so many options when it comes to personalizing jewelry that works for you.
personalized jewelry that works for you

Finding the right personalized piece for you

When choosing a piece of jewelry, it is so important to make sure you are investing in something you love and will wear over and over again. It can be challenging to walk into a jewelry store and select a piece that has been designed by someone else for anyone. Personalization is a great way to create a lasting momento for someone you care about. This provides a lasting message that is handstamped and unique.

Wear it close to your heart

There are so many beautiful ways to create a personalized necklace. While our style is sometimes the same, it is also very different. Upon discussing personalizing our necklaces with Van Der Hout Jewlery, we both had a different idea about what that meant. As a mom of young children, Jenna wanted her children’s initials on a gold chain, that she could wear on one side of her neck. Lisa, wanted a personalized piece with her own name on it as her children are grown up. Both beautiful pieces with the same style of letters, but with a different personalization. Personalized necklaces come in many shapes and sizes!

After speaking with Karen, the owner and designer of Van Der Hout Jewelry, she shared with us some examples of pieces she has made for her clients. Each piece always proves very different and unique. The choices are endless, from a single initial in diamonds hanging from a chain, to yours or your child’s name etched on a vertical or horizontal bar. You can customize each piece to your exact liking.

At Van Der Hout Jewerly, Karen made our experience extremely pleasant and easy. We both wanted to achieve a completely different look from our jewelry, and at Van Der Hout we were able to customize everything. Whether you want a traditional nameplate necklace or something out of the box, Van Der Hout has the piece for you.

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How would you personalize your jewelry to make it unique?

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