Pancakes Aren’t Just for the Weekend

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The thought of going back to school makes us C-R-A-Z-Y! This means crazy busy mornings and back to the rush life. The slower paced days and unplanned routines are behind us. It’s time to get back into a routine of getting up, eating a healthy breakfast and getting out the door. Most days its feels like we are making breakfast while packing lunches and thinking about what we need to get organized to make for dinner. How is it even possible that this is how the mom brain works?!

Protein Pancakes for the win!

There are so many reasons why we make sure that our kids eat a good protein filled breakfast when the school year starts.

  1. First off, routine is everything. As we get ready to head back to school, we have already started to get the morning routine organized. The days of lounging on the couch while watching TV and eating breakfast are over. We are calling the kids to the counter to eat breakfast. Starting the routine now will get us in good shape for the first day of school.
  2. The transition from summer back to school is never easy, and it’s a big change for kids in so many ways! Their brains will be challenged in new ways, so we want to make sure that they have a good breakfast to keep them going all morning long.
  3. Lastly, if you have been following us on Instagram for a while, then it is no surprise to you that most days, our kids come home with a full lunch box. Knowing we have sent them off to school with a full tummy puts our minds at easy a bit.
Pancakes aren’t just for the weekend!

Knowing the importance of a good breakfast, we have told our kids that pancakes aren’t just for the weekend. French Toast will now take the weekend slot for a change. Pancakes make such a good breakfast. With Flourish Protein Pancake mix, we know that we are setting ourselves and the kids up for a successful morning. With just a few ingredients, we whip up pancakes to meet the needs of all of our kids’ taste buds!

Flourish is a protein-packed and superfood powered pancake mix with 23g of protein, 7g of fibre and 0g added sugars per serving. Doesn’t sound like your typical pancake breakfast, does it? That’s why this is a weekday approved breakfast in our house! A protein packed breakfast like this goes way further than a bowl of sugary cereal that have the kids ravenous just as the bell rings…not to mention the lack of need for the much sugar in breakfast on any day!

3 Kid-approved Flourish protein pancake recipes

Flourish Protein Pancakes are beyond easy to make and delicious. Simply mix 1/2 a cup of Flourish Protein Pancake mix with 115ml of water or milk. We like using milk to add dairy to their diets. It’s as easy as that! We use Flourish’s Vanilla flavour for our Vanilla-Berry Pancakes. We add in some frozen blueberries and with a little bit of syrup, they are a delight. Next, we made straights up chocolate protein pancakes using Flourish’s chocolate flavour and added some bananas on top. Delicious! Buttermilk pancakes? Of course! We added some sprinkles to the Buttermilk flavour and create a party in the pancake! Believe us when we say, all three flavors are mind-blowingly delicious.

Did we say pancakes aren’t just for the weekend? Well, they aren’t just for breakfast either. Make smaller pancakes for the perfect on-the-go snacks for any time of day! If I don’t have snacks with me when I pick the kids up after school, it is not a pretty sight. You can be sure that I will be bringing mini pancakes this year. What a delicious after school pick me up before dinner!

What’s your favourite pancake flavor?

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