How to organize a rad girlfriend getaway

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Now that the holidays and family time are behind us, it’s time to get selfish — and there’s no better guilty pleasure than a few days away with your favorite girlfriends. Here are a few tips so you can make it a girlfriend getaway to remember.

girlfriend getaway

Gather the girls

Ring up your besties to get the ball rolling. But, don’t just limit it to your closest friends, sometimes your acquaintance-friends can add a fun element of surprise and personality to the mix — and who knows who may become your new BFF after a girl weekend!

Choose a date

Seriously. This is an important step. If you do not pencil — no PEN — it in on the calendar it will never happen. You’ll talk and get excited about it (because you KNOW you need it), but then guilt will override and the excuses will start pounding on your head like a bad hangover. Save the date, girl!

Set the scene

Do you and your gal pals want to have a relaxing getaway in the mountains with wine and books? How about a dance-filled, what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas extravaganza? Maybe you want to relax by the seaside sipping daiquiris? Figure out the type of getaway you want to plan and set the scene.

girlfriend getaway set the scene

Decide on a budget

Money issues can get sticky between friends, which is why it’s important to discuss it up front before making any reservations. Decide upon a budget that works for each lady that plans to join, and make arrangements accordingly. Set the expectations up front, but you can also find options that will please all.

Add in free time

Even though the goal is to get in some girlfriend time during your getaway, it’s also important to give everyone some of her own free time. After all, isn’t part of the reason for the getaway to actually get away from sippy cups and spit ups? What lady couldn’t use a midday nap on occasion?

Throw in a few party favors

Just like a bachelorette party, baby shower or birthday bash, it’s super-fun to add party favors to the mix of a girlfriend getaway. Some ideas can include monogrammed totes, personalized wine glasses, a special-colored nail polish or nail-art design… or it could even be a group craft that everyone does together. Mementos of the event will be great reminders of the fun times you had.

Girlfriend getaway party favors

Sprinkle in a few surprises

Surprises are fun and no one deserves them more than a savvy mom! Perhaps you could preschedule in-room massages, or put together a fun, memory-filled slideshow. You could arrange for the hubbies and kids to send a special video message or even rent a convertible for a midnight ride.

Be in the moment

The most important tip of all for your rad girlfriend getaway is to simply BE in the moment. Let go of the guilt and nagging thoughts that the kids will die of starvation (or carb overload). Everything back home will be FINE. Enjoy these moments with your best gals so you can return rejuvenated, refreshed and refilled from deep within.

What tips do you have for a rad girlfriend getaway? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. Martha’s Vineyard, my girls and cocktails! What more do we need!

  2. I happen to agree with you, Nicole! A plan, laughter and maybe a few bottles of win 🙂

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