NurturMe dried baby food

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I was happy to give this dried baby food a test drive,  it looked easy and I loved all the health benefits.   But would my baby eat it, that was the real question?

NurturMe is dried baby food packaged in small eco-friendly pouches.  Which makes it so easy to toss into any purse for healthy on the go meals.  NurturMe is also the first and only certified-organic, all natural and gluten-free baby food made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and veggies.  Drying veggies has great nutritional benefits; it preserves more phytochemicals and essential nutrients, not to mention the convenience of just mixing it up with water, formula or breast milk.  My little guy loved the banana and carrots and I loved the ease of it all.  Another amazing benefit, is it’s not just for babies, you can add a pouch of NurturMe to your toddlers food to boost their nutrients, and they won’t even know it.  As a mother of a 2yr old and very picky eater, that trick will definitely come in handy.  For all of you health savvy mamas out there you can buy NurturMe products at stores like Target and you can learn more at their website.

This post was written by a SavvySassyMoms contributor, Jackie mother of 3.
Disclosure:  Only product was sent, nothing else was required.  We share this with our readers because it is a healthy & convenient product for Moms.

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