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I’ve been planning how I’m going to decorate our baby’s space for the last little while, and I have to admit that this is one of my favourite parts of preparing for a baby! Right now we are in a small apartment, so our little one will have very limited space, but I want to make sure that what space he does have is very special. I have been searching through nursery artwork on Etsy for the past couple of months, and I could easily fill each wall in my home with the lovely artwork I’ve been finding on there!

When I was looking for artwork to hang in our baby’s space, I knew I wanted prints that were fresh and unique, but would still have that timeless quality about them. Etsy is always the perfect place for me to find items that have handmade, individual qualities yet still incorporate current trends. I was able to find SO many prints that I absolutely loved, so narrowing down my favourites was very difficult. If you’re expecting a baby or just want to decorate your child’s space with some beautiful artwork, take a look at these amazing Etsy picks below!


“You Are Getting Very Sleepy” Print – $15.00

I’ve been pinning my favourite baby items on Savvy Sassy Mom’s Baby Dream Registry board on Pinterest for the past couple of months, and this adorable print was one of the first pins I made. I plan to put this directly over our baby’s bassinet in hopes that it gives off some sort of magical sleep vibes! The shop has a wide variety of colour selections you can choose from to match the print to your nursery. I love it in this vibrant yellow!

il_570xN.387130611_psrm“Color Outside The Lines” Art – $16.00

This print is great for a nursery, older child’s room or a playroom! What a great reminder to our little ones to break the mold from time to time. This art arrives ready to hang, as it is mounted on wood for a vintage feel. This would be an inspiring addition to hang on your child’s wall.


Alphabet Wall Art – $76.00

This gorgeous and modern wall art is printed on a canvas and ready to hang in your baby’s stylish nursery. This is a bright and fun display of the alphabet that you can customize to match your nursery colors (I especially love this version with the pretty pinks, greys and yellows). What better way to introduce letters to your little one!

il_570xN.352211832“I Love You To The Moon And Back” Print – $16.00

I love this simple yet very chic print for baby’s special space in your home. This art can also be customizable to whichever colour you prefer, and would look beautiful in a nursery or any other room. I’m partial to the navy blue, but this would also look gorgeous in a minty green shade.

il_570xN.352754362_ljyePersonalized Name Art – $27.75

I love this personalized nursery print that really makes your little one’s name special. After spending countless hours deciding on the perfect name for your baby, this is a beautiful way to display how much you love it by sharing the meaning of it. Customize the colours to match the colours of your child’s space, and you’ve got a beautiful addition to your nursery (also would make a really neat shower gift!).

il_570xN.359912225_b6ahPeriodic Table of Childhood – $24.99

Does a love of science run in the family? Incorporate that into the baby’s nursery with this adorable take on the periodic table of elements. There actually is a science to this art: the table is divided into coloured sections based on elemental relationships. The sections are:

Red: most important
Orange: what parents and kids give each other
Yellow: what kids give to parents
Green/teal: things kids do (kid verbs)
Deeper blue: parental virtues
Lighter blue: what comes of a parent/child relationship
Blue-violet: elemental values
Violet: what every other element combined brings to a child
Pink: second most important element
Light violet: wishes for every family

Love this unique way to celebrate the important elements of a happy childhood!

il_570xN.397463471_l9yxNursery Typography Print – $21.00

Show your children what’s really important with this lovely and simple print. These should be the ground rules for every childhood! Again, this print can be made in several different colours, so you can match it to your baby’s nursery. This is a print that will grow with your child for quite some time.


Printed Nursery Artwork – $14.00

When I was born, my grandmother made a needlepoint version of this kind of artwork. While it was beautiful and I still have it, needlepoint is a bit of a lost art in this day and age, and it has lost its luster as far as being trendy. I love that this commemorates baby’s birthday and specific details in the same way that my needlepoint artwork did, but in a more updated fashion. This is a great keepsake for your child as they grow older.

il_570xN.415052654_oe7wAlien Wall Art – $32.00

I saw these cute little aliens and thought they would be perfect in a little boy’s nursery/room! I’m sure Tatum would love a set of these adorable space creatures to put in her room too. These prints would add a fun flair to your child’s nursery, and could grow with them for several years. They’re even on-trend with their polka dot and chevron prints! Perfect for a modern nursery or children’s room.

il_570xN.428481677_q9qlNautical Nursery Art – $35.05

Nautical inspired nurseries are very trendy, yet still have a timeless feel that can grow with your child. I love these pictures that incorporate the very stylish chevron print! Have these prints done in any colour you like, and enjoy this sea-inspired addition in your baby’s nursery.

What were your favourite parts about decorating your baby’s nursery? 

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