Eating and drinking my way through Chicago Part 2

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You know it’s going to be a good day when you get picked up in a trolley.

Day two of my Chicago adventure was spent hopping on and off this trolley and enjoying some historic and delicious stops around the city.  If you need to catch up, yesterday I shared Eating and drinking my way through Chicago Part I, which included the fabulous dining experience at Little Goat and a peak inside the Public Hotel Chicago.

Webster's Wine Bar Chicago

Pictured with Michael from Inspired by Charm {he’s kind of a big deal}

We began our day at Webster’s Wine Bar for a private wine tasting.  It wasn’t even quite noon but we drank anyway. Webster’s Wine bar opened in 1994 and was the first wine bar in Chicago. The neighborhood back then was a little rough around the edges but has since grown into the trendy neighborhood known as Lincoln Park.  Walking in you see a collection of photos on the wall from the staffs travels, there isn’t any over the top decorations. The design is simple and sophisticated. There is not doubt they’re all about the wine here.

We sampled a variety of cheeses along with scottish smoked salmon, garlic hummus and bacon wrapped, almond stuffed dates.{yum!} The wine selections paired with these small bites came from all around the world; France, Oregon, Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy. Not a bad one in the bunch.

In addition to the main floor, there is a upstairs bar and seating area that is a little more swanky but still intimante and cozy. I could easily see how this could be standing room only on a chilly Friday night in Chicago. We had it all to ourselves but I could practically hear the laughter of old friends getting together for great food, great wine and great conversation.

Next time I am in Chicago I must check out their other restaurant and wine bar Telegraph.  It looks just as impressive.


Cheese & Chocolate

Now that I was totally buzzed from the Webster’s wine bar. Why the heck not.

Next stop on the trolley was Vosages, the luxury chocolate shop created by the passionate chocolatier Katrina Markoff. The store is elegant and inviting and filled with the signature purple boxes holding unique chocolates all with a variety of flavors. The store has a tasting kitchen in the back and a full service coffee and hot chocolate bar, and this is real hot chocolate people. Bacon is such a huge trend right now and so naturally, the best selling bar is the Chocolate Bacon Bar. Yes, I tried it and loved it.  Right about now my stomach was becoming slightly uncomfortable.


Katarina’s Creative Process:
“While my ideas often come together organically, the creation of a new collection is never without meaning. There are 4 steps that I conduct in the creation of my chocolate collections that could apply to any medium…”

Step 1 – FALL IN LOVE 
Step 3 – ACTION 

{love that!}


We did a little window shopping down Fulton Street and I stumbled upon this donut shop called Glazed. They have four locations in Chicago and are known for their seasonal glazes. I went inside just to take a look, but did not eat anything. They even had a maple bacon long john. Definitely something to try next time I am in Chicago


Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Well you cannot go to Chicago without having a classic Chicago style hot dog. We stopped at The Haute and The Dog. They have all kinds of wild hot dog choices and toppings but I ordered the traditional Chicago style, nothing too fancy.  I like ketchup, mustard, relish and onions.  Then I was told that I broke the cardinal rule, ketchup should not go on a traditional chicago style dog.

Right about now I could literally feel my jeans getting tighter.

Wait, there’s more!  Up next is part III of this food tour of Chicago and yes it includes more eating but a lesson in food styling too!


Disclosure:  I am working as a brand ambassador for Cracker Barrel Cheese.  This is a series of sponsored content.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own. I share this with you because I love this cheese and tried every single one of them!  I also love traveling and sharing al the best places to eat, blog and shop!





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