New Skip Hop Panda & Shark Backpacks {giveaway}

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Skip Hop has been an essential product line for us this year, as it has been for many families! With this being Tatum’s first year of school, I wanted her school gear to stand out, be stylish, and most of all, last the entire year without needing to be replaced! I have been incredibly happy with the quality of Tatum’s Skip Hop backpack, as well as how cute and functional it is.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop recently came out with two new styles of their backpacks, lunch bags and tableware, and they are downright adorable! I hope Tatum likes pandas and/or sharks, because she is definitely receiving some of the items in their new styles. Their already-amazing line has been given a little upgrade with the addition of a super-cute shark and panda. Mealtime is much more enjoyable when your little ones get to use these fun animal-themed products that are also BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

Take a look at these sweet new styles from Skip Hop:

Skip Hop Zoo Collection - Shark & Panda

From top left: 1. Zoo Straw Shark Sports Bottle – $6.00 2. Zoo Pack Panda Toddler Backpack – $20.00 3. Zoo Tableware Shark Bowl – $4.00 4. Panda Zootensils – $6.00 5. Zoo Lunchies Shark Insulated Lunch Bag – $14.00 6. Panda Zoo Bib – $8.00

With the two new adorable styles to choose from, will your little ones go for the shark, or choose the panda? Either way, you’ll be impressed with the durability and style of Skip Hop’s backpacks, lunch bags and tableware!

Now you can win a backpack and lunchie from SkipHop by entering below. Just tell us which would would you get, the shark or panda?


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  1. It would be for my baby who was born March 30th when he goes into his crib from my room

  2. I’m not sure if the rafflecopter is asking the wrong question… but I would choose shark!
    Or if it’s asking the right question, we don’t have one due, we have a new one less than 2 months old 🙂

  3. I think you’re asking the wrong question for this giveaway, so I’ll give you a relevant answer…I would choose the Shark for my boys!! 🙂 Love Skip Hop

  4. We live in San Diego and go to the zoo often so Panda would be the perfect accessory for toting our snacks.

  5. I would love to win this for either my 6 year old (going into 1st grade) or my soon to be 3 year old twins.

  6. I love them both. But I would have to say the panda.

  7. I would choose Panda for my daughter. We have the Owl and I get stopped places and asked about it all the time. It’s so cute!

  8. Shark – My son starts preschool in September & this would be perfect – he loves to say Raaaarrrrrr for the shark sound! :o)

  9. I love the Panda! My daughter would love it and it was my sorority mascot!

  10. Panda! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I would get the shark set for my son! He would go crazy!

  12. I would choose the shark for one of my boys! 🙂

  13. Both are super cute, but the shark is my favorite!!

  14. I LOVE them both, but the Panda is sooooo adorable!

  15. I would choose the Panda for my daughter. Love them both though!

  16. My daughter really loves the shark. They are both adorable tho!

  17. Oh my gosh. Panda is so cute. I want it for my baby girl.

  18. I would choose the shark for my little guy he would really love this!

  19. I would choose the panda for my little girl. So cute!

  20. My 16 month old loves sharks, so I’d choose the shark for sure.

  21. My son would love the shark!! Chomp Chomp

  22. I would choose the adorable Panda for my little girl!

  23. Definitely the shark for my little boy!

  24. Definitely the shark.
    Sweetinsahmnity at gmail

  25. My sweet Liam would love love love the Shark., He is starting Preschool in Sept. Adorable!

  26. Well, since I have 4 girls I will definitely be choosing the panda 🙂

  27. the shark would be perfect for my grandson!

  28. My son loves pandas so I would go with that.

  29. The Panda for sure! Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. I would pick the panda! It is adorable!

  31. I would pick the shark since i have a boy. But seriously skip hop products are so amazing i purshased the shark packpack for my nephew about two weeks ago and it is so cute and the material is log lasting.

  32. The shark its just too cute and my noah would love it so much

  33. Tough choice! We love our SkipHop stuff. I think my little guy would choose the shark, though, so I’ll have to go with that!

  34. MY 3 year old son will be attending pre-k this year. And he love animals!!!! he been asking for a shark backpack all year.

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