The Nanit Baby Monitor is a game changer for parents

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Having a baby is hands down the most incredible experience of your life. You can’t wait for your baby to arrive, and find yourself lying awake at night imagining how incredible it truly will be! You can’t begin to imagine the anxieties that will follow…welcome to parenthood! Sleep, or rather lack there of, is right at the top of the list. When my kids were born, I had wished that my monitor would do so much more more, in fact, I wished that it had recording capabilities, but nothing of the sort existed 6 years ago! Parents, the Nanit baby monitor is a complete game changer! Rest, yes I mean rest, assured, you are not alone in the sleep battle!

The Nanit is so much more than a monitor

Once you put your baby down in the crib at night, it’s hard to know how much they are sleeping, how long they are awake before they start crying and what how restful their sleep is. We all have the urge to go in and constantly check on our babies, after all, it’s hard being away from them! But wouldn’t it be nice to have a full report on their sleep? You can rely on the Nanit for so much more than just a picture of your baby. Simply download the Nanit app and explore everything it has to offer. Let’s begin:

Picture Quality

The stunning HD views give you an extremely clear picture of your baby. Forget trying to get the right angle. The birds eye view gives you the best angle you can get. Birds eye view is the only way to go! The night vision is exceptionally clear, you will be amazed. Zoom in for an even closer look.

Sleep Reports

For $100 a year, you can subscribe to “Insights”, an experience that tracks sleep analytics and video insights. The $100 a year gets you 30 days stored while for $300, you can get storage for the whole year. The Nanit learns how your baby moves so that it can give you an accurate report which will show up in the app on your phone. It monitors when your baby is asleep, awake as well as when your baby is being tended to! Questioning how your baby is doing with sleep? The Nanit will compare your baby’s sleep to healthy averages to give you an idea of where they stand along with providing measurable actions. Insights from the Nanit acts like your own sleep consultant, offering sleep tips that will go a long way! After all, there is no one who will be tracking your baby’s sleep routine as well as the Nanit…you might be up, but the sleep deprivation will leave you forgetting exactly how many time you woke to tend to your baby the next day! If you ask me, the subscription is a dream offering. Trying to figure out sleep is one of the biggest challenges in your baby’s first year and being able to have access to the information “Insights” provides is hands down a game changer.

To the minute updates

Don’t worry about missing a beat. The Nanit is on it! The Nanit will send you to the minute updates that will pop up on your phone or ipad, even if you are using another app. If your baby moves or cries, you will¬† know about it right away! That’s not all! The Nanit tracks the temperature in the room as well which should give you some peace of mind.

Take the Nanit on the go

You will love the Nanit so much, you won’t want your baby to sleep without it, not even for a minute! Well, not to worry! Take the Nanit with you on the go whether it be around the house or out of town. The optional travel stand ($49) is easy to use and makes transporting it easy. Simply pop off the camera and pack it away with the travel stand to use as needed. With no moveable neck on the camera, you don’t have to worry about it breaking in your bag. Seriously, brilliant!

Use it in your Smart Home

If you have an Amazon Echo first, or second edition, link it up and ask Alexa to tell you your baby’s sleep story, hands free. Does it get any better than that? Alexa will share your personalized sleep tips for everyone to hear so that all of your child’s caregivers are on the same page.

See your baby anywhere anytime, and share it with others too

While the Nanit is wifi enabled, it doesn’t need wifi to work. This means that if your wifi goes down, you don’t need to panic. With that said, the app allows you to share live streaming with 3 people. This is a great way to get all caregivers on the same page with your baby’s sleep. When you are ready to sleep train, this is very helpful so that everyone can see what you are doing an vice versa. Need to share it with more people? The paid service allows for that. In addition, you can take your live stream on social! Let’s be honest, kids do the cutest things when they are alone in the crib. The Nanit app gives you the option to share snippets on social… how cute is that?!

As I said, the Nanit is so much more than just a video monitor. What do you think?

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