Cybex Mios review

Cybex Mios stroller review

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Some women will walk along and check out the purses of the other women as they walk by, but not me. Nope. I’m looking at their strollers. It’s even gotten to the point where even my husband will say, “Did you see that one?” The Cybex Mios always catches my eye, with its sleek lines and ingenious mesh seat. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to see what it was all about, and I was not disappointed.

All about the Mios

The gorgeous, award-winning Cyber Mios is the smaller, more on-the-go sibling to the full-sized stroller, the Cybex Priam. One of the first to offer customizations, Cybex has long been one of my favorite stroller brands. I love the interchangeable canopies and how the company continues to work with top designers on new fashions to spruce up your stroller every year. You’ll find chrome, as well as black frame options, ensuring you can design a beautiful stroller that won’t get lost in the crowd.

When it comes to strollers I weigh several criteria, including weight, accessory options, ease of fold and storage. Let’s see how the Cybex Mios stacks up.

What we love

This beautiful stroller had hearts in our eyes for a list of reasons starting with the handling and steering. We loved the smooth, even ride with effortless one-handed steering, thanks in part to all-wheel suspension. This, along with the small footprint (around 20 inches wide), made navigating store aisles and doorways a cinch. Next, we appreciated several excellent design features, like the adjustable handlebar and how it juts out just a bit making it ideal for tall parents or those with a long stride. No more kicking or stubbing your toes on the back of the stroller.

The reversible seat features a one-handed fully-flat recline (great for newborns) with the pull of a lever.A seat made of innovative mesh fabric makes this the perfect stroller for hot climates, like mine in Arizona. Feel the breeze and no more swampy diaper tush! On cold days just put on the Mios Comfort Inlay, which offers cozy warmth when needed. Other options include an adjustable footrest, ridiculously large canopy with UVP 50+ rating, 5-point harness, flip-flop friendly brake system, swing away bumper bar, the optional Cybex Carry Cot bassinet which has a super lux memory foam mattress and included Cybex Infant Car Seat adaptors.

Weight and fold can make or break a stroller ranking

Lastly, let’s talk weight and fold, the two things that will usually make or break even the best stroller. I have to say, they knocked it out of the park on this one. The fold is a 2-step process and a little different than I’ve seen in other strollers, but is easy to get used to. The best part is you can do it easily with one hand and is self-standing once folded. Check out the back of the stroller for a handy little feature — an actual handle for easy carrying. With the Mios, you’re not just lugging it around by the frame.

Also at 19 pounds, it was extremely light. I actually felt surprised to hear it weighed almost twenty pounds. It felt lighter, which must have a lot to do with the overall design. I could move and put the sleek, non-bulky stroller into my car with ease.

What we didn’t love

I would love to see a few things updated in the next version of this stroller. We all have deal breakers, so I wanted to point out the few cons I found. First off, no accessories. COME ON. The Cybex Priam offers a list of accessories, but the Mios only offers a cup holder. In my opinion, a snack tray option should be standard across the board for all brands. Honestly, it’s often a make or break for me. If I can be greedy beyond that, I’d appreciate a stroller board, as there is definitely room back there. While bigger than an umbrella stroller, it’s still a lot smaller than other strollers in its class, so you’ll find storage minimal.

It doesn’t do well on all terrain. It handled grass, sidewalks and malls like a pro. However, the small footprint made it hard to go over curbs and an absolute no-go on gravel and rock landscaping like we have in Arizona.

Your infant car seat options are minimal. The only compatible seats are Cyber and GB, however, the seatback does fold flat for baby. You can also purchase the optional Mios Carry Cot and you’re covered. Lastly, remember this is a luxury stroller — and comes with a luxury price tag. The stroller alone will retail at around $500-$600, with an additional $100 for the color pack (the canopy and Comfort Inlay Kit).

 Final thoughts

Overall this is a wonderful stroller. With beauty and brains, it’s definitely a top-notch pick. Let’s see where it lies on the Savvy Scale. The Savvy Scale is ranked between 1-5, with 1 being an absolute no-go and 5 being best in the biz. Let’s see where the Cybex Mios stroller ranks:

          Weight: 5

          Accessories: 2

          Compact Fold: 5

          Storage: 3

  Overall score: 3.75
With such an amazing fold and light weight, adding even a snack tray option and widening the storage basket would bump this stroller up to must-have status for me. It’s so, so close to perfect.

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