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Introducing Mac and Mia, a kids’ clothing subscription

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Mac and Mia
Introducing Mac & Mia

Even if you love shopping for clothes for your kids, every mom can agree that it often becomes a chore… especially if you’re attempting to do it with your kids in tow. While we’ve seen other kids’ clothing subscription services come and go over the years, we’re certain that this one will be here to stay.

Introducing Mac & Mia, the newest way to discover new brands and styles for your kids’ closets, without even leaving your home.

How it works

You can sign up on the Mac & Mia website by entering some basic information, such as your email address and zip code. Once your invitation is ready, you’ll receive an email to get started on your profile, which you customize for each child you’d like to receive a Mac & Mia box for.

Marie Tillman, founder of Mac & Mia, tells us that the profile piece of the site is integral in making it a success. “Our goal is to create a very personalized experience for our customers,” she shares. “We collect information not only about what they like and don’t like, but how they live their life, and what types of items they need — casual play clothes, school clothes, special occasion, etc.” Mac & Mia also continues to use this information on your profile as you are a repeat customer, allowing you to leave valuable feedback about the items in your box to create future boxes that hit the mark.

Once you receive your box from Mac & Mia, which can be filled with a combination of clothes, shoes and accessories, based on what you specified in your profile, you have five days to decide which items to keep and which items to send back.

Keeping some of or all of the items? They’ll simply charge your credit card on file for what you’re keeping. No styling fees. No shipping costs. Just pay for what you buy.

Have some items to send back? Tuck them in the pre-paid shipping envelope that was included in your box from Mac & Mia and send them on their way. We love that if you choose to send everything back, you won’t be charged a fee for trying, making it a risk-free way to shop for your kids.

What comes in my box?

Mac and Mia

Each box comes filled with a handful of items that have been hand-selected by the team at Mac & Mia. The number of items and the price of each item varies from box-to-box, based on how it’s packed and what you’ve requested in your profile.

Curious as to the brands that you’ll receive from Mac & Mia? Think boutique! We adore that Mac & Mia will expose us to brands that aren’t stocked at our local department stores, including gems such as Go Gently Baby, Kallio NYC (who we’ve featured right here on Savvy Sassy Moms!), Misha + Puff, Charlie Rocket, Tane Organics, Nui, and Paige Lauren, just to name a few.

Stitch Fix fans, read this

If you’re already a fan of similar clothing subscription services, such as the ever popular Stitch Fix, the comparison is undeniable and if you’re familiar with how those services work, you’ll jump on board with Mac & Mia with ease.

However, there are a couple of things that set Mac & Mia apart from the rest and they’re reasons to fall in love with this new kids’ clothing subscription — first, like we mentioned above, there is no fee for using Mac & Mia. You only pay for what you keep from your box.

Second,  the way that Mac & Mia picks the brands they feature in each box sets them apart from other clothing subscription services, in a big way. Founder, Marie Tillman, shares, “We try to be thoughtful about the brands we carry, and consider how they are made and the lives touched along the way.”

Getting started

Just getting started in their soft launch phase, Mac & Mia is still accepting sign-ups and the first round of boxes from newborn to size 2T will be shipping soon, with limited spaces still available in this size range. Looking for bigger sizes? Mac & Mia will carry through size 6 for kids, with the bigger sizes being launched this fall and spring.

If you’re interested in joining Mac & Mia, now or in the future, we recommend visiting the Mac & Mia website, where you can request an invite. They will get in touch as soon as a spot in your requested size is available!

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on Mac & Mia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The Mac & Mia blog also has some pretty sweet kids’ clothing inspiration to peek in on.

Have you already signed up for Mac & Mia?

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