Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

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Pumpkin Baby Shower

I hope you liked the It’s a boy! Zebra baby shower from last month but it’s Fall y’all! How about throwing a Little Pumpkin baby shower?  Choosing a baby shower theme to coordinate with the time of year is not only fun, but it’s also very easy to find decorations and party supplies in the stores that will match your seasonal theme.  This pumpkin baby shower theme is one of my favorite fall baby shower ideas.  I love Fall, the leaves, the colors, the scents, and all the yummy pumpkins we get to eat. 🙂 This baby shower is very gender-neutral and can easily be for a baby boy, a baby girl or even a baby gender revealing party!

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I chose a very simple traditional invitation. Brittany from Hey Girl Media did a great job designing this invite for me.  You can print these or you can e-mail them to your guests to save money on postage.

little pumpkin baby shower banner.png


I crafted almost all of the decorations myself. This pumpkin baby shower banner turned out super cute and it costs less than $5 to make.  I punched the onesies at my local scrapbook store.  I used scrapbook paper for the letters and added some glitter to make them pop, then I used twine to hang it.

pumpkins banner.jpg

This fun pumpkins banner was made at my local scrapbook store as well.  They had a great pumpkin punch in the perfect size.  I was so excited to make this one!


I made this burlap table runner for less than $5.  In fact, you can purchase 2 yards of fabric and sew 3 runners with those 2 yards.  Burlap is very trendy right now and very affordable.

DIY Baby Shower Centerpiece

I did splurge on this metal stroller for $20 from Hobby Lobby. The Fall picks and flowers are from Goodwill for $3. A custom centerpiece for $23 isn’t bad right? You can also reuse it for other baby showers or gift it to the mom-to-be for decor in the nursery.

little pumpkin desserts.jpg

Pumpkin Desserts

I ordered a custom-made cake from Sugar Dreams Cakes & Things.  The cake is normally something I like to splurge on as well.  I do save money making some other things myself.  Baking and decorating desserts are not my cup of tea, but I love pretty desserts.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

The cupcakes were homemade.  I got the recipe from Sweet Rose Studio who also took these gorgeous photos.  Another fun treat you can make are pumpkin cupcakes or cookies.

Gift table.jpg

Thank You Banner and Party Favors

I set up a small table for the gifts.  I made the “Thank you” banner with paper to match the other banners.  I used fall decor I had in my house like those pumpkins sitting on the table.  I found the brown gingham small piece of fabric at Goodwill for $3.49….these finds make my day!


Everyone received a small little box from Cakes And Kids.  I put orange candy inside to match.

little pumpkin baby shower 10.jpg
I was able to host this baby shower for under $150.  Isn’t that great for a custom-made baby shower?  I love hosting pretty parties on a budget!

Are you hosting a Fall baby shower soon?



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