Joovy HiLo high chair and Boob bottle review

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Joovy might not be a baby brand that you’re familiar with yet, but with an extensive line of baby products from strollers to slings to high chairs, and now bottles, it’s a name moms will definitely be hearing about more often. Recently I had the opportunity to try out two of their newest products, the HiLo high chair and the Boob bottles.

HiLo High chair

joovy hilo

Joovy HiLo raises the bar

Now, there are high chairs, and then there are high chairs. And the HiLo is definitely what I would call a high chair. Along the lines of the higher-end Stokke Tripp Trapp or Boon Flair, the HiLo is a chair that’s designed to grow with your child from infancy to 6-years-old and beyond. Advertised as “heirloom quality,” the chair’s frame is made of solid birch wood and comes in a variety of colors. It’s incredibly sleek and modern — two qualities I adore in baby products — and would seamlessly fit into any “adult” dining room. Parents will appreciate the generously sized tray (the better to catch all those spills and messes) and how super easy the tray, as well as the seat itself (made of one molded piece — i.e. no nooks and crannies for crumbs to get stuck in) is to clean. Did I mention the tray can also be tossed in the dishwasher? Extra points! The 5-point harness is an added plus for safety.IMG_4150 And with just a flip of the seat (literally!) the HiLo converts to a toddler chair. The toddler side has a lower seat and you can choose to use the tray on that side as well, or just pull it up to your dining table like a regular chair. Little Miss is already past the infant side, but she loves being able to climb into her own chair thanks to the built-in footrest.

While the footprint on this chair isn’t the most space-saving, its style and convenience more than makes up for it. And it easily pushes in under most dining tables. It does come with a higher price tag than most high chairs ($399), but when you consider how long you will use it (and if you really do end up saving it and passing it on to grandkids), it may be worth it for the long run.

Boob Bottles


Joovy does bottles

The appropriately named Joovy Boob bottles are, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, geared towards breastfeeding mothers so that they can switch baby from breast to bottle with minimal nipple confusion. Made of PPSU plastic, which is known as the highest-quality plastic out there right now (and obviously BPA, phthalate and lead-free), you can literally feel the difference between these and other plastic bottles. They simply feel sturdier. The nipples are made of silicone and have a wider base and longer nipple than many of its bottle counterparts to help emulate latching on to Mom’s breast. It’s also baked an extra time, making them extra strong. No nipple caving in here.

Joovy also employs a CleanFlow vent to prevent Baby from swallowing air, thereby reducing the dreaded colic/gas. Prior to trying out the Boob, we were using Dr Brown’s for our breastfed baby, and while those worked fine, it was a total PITA to wash all those extra parts! I love how simple it is to clean the Boob in comparison. One of the best parts of the Boob Gift Set for me were the breast pump adaptors that screw onto the top of the bottle so that you can pump directly into it (one less bottle to wash, hooray!). It apparently works with all major breast pumps except for the Avent ones. Now the Boob is priced higher than most bottles at around $17, but that’s partly due to the superior quality plastic they use.

At the end of the day, as most moms can tell you, Baby makes the call on which bottles they will or will not take (among many other things.) It is just my experience that my 10-week-old has had no problems with the Boob bottles, and that I would highly recommend them, but to each their own!

What is your favorite brand of bottle?

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