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Pass on the ponytail

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alternatives to ponytailsThe allure of the ponytail

It can be tough to quit the ponytail. We know easy updos exist, but the ponytail is so tempting. A single hairband, a few twists of the wrist, the lie we tell ourselves when we don’t pull our hair all the way through and think we’re making a “messy bun.” The ponytail is the go-to hairstyle for women running late, women juggling making breakfasts with early morning emails, and women who simply don’t feel like wrestling with the flat iron another day.

Easy updos: Alternatives to the ponytail

One of the easiest ways to banish the perma-pony is to become familiar with a handful of other easy updos. Photos are the first step in finding a signature updo — or two — you can quickly pull together when you want your hair off your neck and face. Beauty bloggers take the photos a step further by offering step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

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  1. Ballerina bun
  2. Low braided twist
  3. DIY Crown braids
  4. 2 Minute updo tutorial
  5. Fishtail top knot hair tutorial
  6. Upside down French braid bun
  7. Waterfall braided bun by Christina of Hair Romance
  8. Grown Up Topsy Tail tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Kate LeSueur for Camille Styles

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Which of the easy updos appeals to you?

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