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A healthy start: Introducing The Honest Company’s new feeding line

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The Honesty Company LogoAs I prepare for baby number two to arrive in May, I’m not nearly as worried about the last-minute preparations as I was with my first baby. But, as relaxed as I am, there is one specific area of baby-prep that I’m approaching intentionally — feeding! After all, this kid is going to want to eat, right?

The Honest Company — who we already know and love for their eco-conscious products and adorable diaper designs — has recently launched a brand new feeding line and oh, how I wish this had existed when my first daughter was little! Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula feeding, or doing a combination of both, Honest has a fantastic line-up of products to help get your little one off to a healthy start.


As a breastfeeding mama myself, I was thrilled to see Lactation Plus ($20) to support breast milk production, as well as an amazing Organic Nipple Balm ($14)… no explanation needed there! Both of these products are specifically designed to combat some of the toughest parts of breastfeeding —supply and soreness — two concerns of many breastfeeding moms.

The Honest Company Baby DHA ($20) was also on my must-have list. My pediatrician highly recommended DHA for brain and eye development with my first daughter, and I fully plan on following through with this baby, as well.

Here’s a peek at a few of the other goodies from their new feeding line that The Honest Company has created to support mamas of all kinds:

The Honest Co. Nursing Scarf

2-in-1 Organic Nursing Cover and Scarf ($60)
Designed in collaboration with Piece & Co., this stylish year-round accessory and easy privacy cover for nursing is made of soft and breathable 100% organically-grown cotton.

Nursing Pillow ($70)
It is designed to offer stable support and comfort for both Baby and Mom, with a superior patented surface that gently angles Baby to encourage optimal feeding position.


Natural Feeding Baby Bottle ($13)
Features a highly innovative design using medical-grade silicone and peristaltic nipple to closely mimic natural breastfeeding, a squeezable bottle, and integrated tri-vent system to reduce gas, colic, reflux, and spit-up. An 8 oz. bottle is also available for when your baby is ready to increase her feedings.

Natural Feeding Peristaltic Nipples ($5 for a 2/pack)
Medical-grade silicone with a flex-accordion design allows Baby to feed in a natural, wave-like motion to provide easy assimilation and transition between breast and bottle feeding.

The Honest Co. Infant Formula

Certified Organic Premium Infant Formula ($30)
Carefully modeled after breast milk, nutritionally complete, easy to digest, and meticulously blended using ingredients sourced from trusted organic, non-GMO farms, The Honest Co. infant formulas will be gentle on your baby’s tummy.

Formula Dispenser ($7)
This convenient, three-compartment solution for makes for easy, hygienic feeding: anywhere, anytime.

With my baby girl’s arrival just weeks away, I can truly say I’m ready for her! The bassinet is set up, the swaddles are washed, diapers are stashed all around the house, and most importantly, with The Honest Company‘s help, she and I have everything we need for a healthy start.


Are you a fan of the Honest Company?

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Joanna Murnan is a Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scout. You can find more from Joanna on her blog, Makingmine, as she anxiously awaits the arrival of her daughter.

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  1. Love that they have started this new line! And those scarves…wonderful is an understatement!

  2. I had no idea they were coming out with so many different products! I’m definitely going to look over some of these! Thanks!

  3. I wish these products were available when I had my babies, but now I will just have to give them as gifts to new mamas I know!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up and informative review! I’m expecting my third and this company was not around when my other two were babies. I’m so excited to find an eco-friendly diaper/ feeding company!

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