PONS Avarcas, the hottest shoe of the year!

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Avarcas, leather sandals from Spain

There seems to always be a hot new shoe brand that seems to come out of nowhere and stops me in my tracks. Let me introduce to you the hottest shoe on the planet right now, you may have seen me gushing about them over on Instagram.They’re called Avarcas and I’m totally obsessed.

Move over TOMS and TIEKS, there’s a new shoe in town!  But don’t worry, I’ve still got plenty of room in my closet for all of you.

PONS Avarcas is a very well-known footwear brand in Spain. PONS Avarcas are a traditional handmade sandal made with leather and rubber originally made for the Menorcan workers. Menorca is a small island of the cost of Spain, apart off the Belaric islands. (I’ve been there!) The sandal itself has been changed a bit over time and is now a modern shoe taking the U.S. by storm.

The family behind the PONS Avarcas USA lives in San Diego and works exclusively with the Menorcan Pons brand, they are the ones responsible for bringing the official, handmade Avarca leather sandals to sustainable-minded, stylish Americans.This entrepreneurial couple is “fusing culture and fashion with family-run business ethics”. We love that! So, do not be fooled by the copycats and imitation sandals as many companies have already started to knocking them off.


I was sent a pair for myself and my daughter. Yup, they make kids Avarcas too! I went with the brown because I felt they would go with a lot of things, which is important when traveling. I first wore these shoes to a conference and walked the show floor all day to really break them in, I fell in love instantly. I also received so many compliments and people actually stopped me to ask me who made them. Then I wore them again during our trip to Guatemala and wore them all week, walking around the city and sightseeing. Finding a stylish pair of shoes that are practical and can keep up with my travels isn’t always easy. I also love that these won’t make you look like a tourist and can even be worn to dinner.



Like mother like daughter.

My daughter picked her favorite color, turquoise blue. My daughter actually has a hard time with shoes that are comfortable, partly because she has small but wide feet and she also has Plantar Fascia (flat foot) and one tends to slant inward. So these are actually the perfect shoes for her. Best part is, she loves them and wants them in every color — and so do I.

They also have a mens PONS Avarcas, which are great for Dads with style. Men that don’t need dress shoes but need something besides their tennis shoes to pair with jeans. This is always a constant dilemma with my husband.

PONS Avarcas USA are my new favorite shoes for a multitude of reasons. They are stylish, comfortable, affordable, travel well, simple, modern, handmade and they represent and support a culture.


Womens $75 – $95
Mens $75
Kids $48 – $52


This was NOT a sponsored post. I was sent the shoes for review, all my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my very own. I share these with you because they’re AWESOME and that’s what we do.

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  1. Those look fantastic, coming from this gal who has small but wide feet with a daughter that has the same thing. And to be able to walk all day in them while traveling? wow! I would love to get my paws on some of those lovely sandals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE these! they look so comfy! thanks for sharing, checking the website right now

  3. I’m ridiculously head over heels in love with these flats. I want them in every single color for both myself and Coco. They will be in my suitcase. Oh, yes…they will.

  4. Love my Pons! I got a pair last year, my favorite sandals! Will get more colors this spring

  5. I have been ordering Pons from Noellia in San Diego for several years…and carry them on my website, http://www.adelladress.com because they suit my dress designs perfectly. I wear mine ALL THE TIME…they also look great with skinny jeans, skirts and shorts. Colours are fun, but my favorite is the neutral taupe in the wedge. Living in Los Angeles, I wear them year round since they are cool in hot weather and have enough coverage to keep feet warm in cool weather. They make excellent travel shoes since they slip off really easily and one can stomp around FOREVER!

  6. Hi! Thanks for the article. I just ordered a pair for myself and for my son, but we both are having problems with the top leather part, around the toes. They’re too tight. I’m not sure they will stretch enough, have you encountered this issue? I ordered a half size down, since this is what they recommended when in between sizes, but perhaps I should get the one size up, as you did? Thanks!

  7. Author


    Yes the first few times they were a little snug by the toes. They should stretch out and feel better after a few wears. 🙂

  8. Hi Andrea! Thanks for sharing. I love avarcas too. Super comfy, well made and durable. At the beginning they feel a little tight on the toes but they will stretch as you break them in. I’ve been ordering mine from http://www.avarcastore.com

  9. I haven’t seen any that look as roomy/comfy in the toes as these! There are so many manufacturers of this style sandal in Menorca (maybe Pons are simply the first to come to the USA)…and it seems like they all use the same base. I ordered some, and even with stretching, I think they will be too tight in the toes. I’m so sad about it.

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