How to warm a nursery without worry

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When I first started putting together my daughter’s nursery, prior to her birth, I wasn’t overly concerned with our older home’s lack of central air. While we do have an efficient wall heater and AC unit in the main room, it doesn’t easily travel to the other spaces in our house. As the temperatures started to dip outside, I began to worry that her room was getting too cold and judging by the temperature reading on the monitor it was time to find a solution.

Safety first

When it came to putting a space heater into my daughter’s room, there was really only one viable option, Vornado Baby Sunny CS. Not only did this space heater come with all the necessities I was looking for — cool touch case, safety shut-off, and  temperature control, to name a few — it also came in an aesthetically pleasing package. As someone who carefully picked every detail of my daughter’s nursery, I was happy that this wasn’t a giant eyesore in middle of the room.

Best Space Heaters for a NurseryWith crib sensor technology, the heater wouldn’t shut off until the temperature is reached at the crib. You simply select the temperature you would like the room to be and once the desired heat is reached, it kicks into fan mode. It also features hidden cord storage, automatic climate control, and a locking control panel. Perfect for those curious little fingers!

Must-Have Tech Devices for a Nursery

How to Keep a Nursery Warm... SafelyBoasting a 5-year Happy Parent Guarantee that is an added layer of peace of mind, I feel better knowing that when my daughter goes to bed at night, her room is always the perfect temperature and I don’t have to worry about her space heater. Looks like we will all be sleeping like a baby!

Keeping a Baby's Room Warm All Winter Long

In addition to Vornadobaby you can find an array of products from heaters to humidifiers at Vornado.

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