How To Start Getting More Recognition At Work

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If you’re someone who is feeling a little frustrated because you’re not getting the recognition at work that you feel you deserve, you’re by no means alone. It turns out that there are thousands of people out there who simply aren’t being seen for the role that they’re performing. They’re putting in the hours and adding value, but not getting the positive feedback that all their effort warrants. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways you can start getting more recognition at work for the job that you do. Read on to learn more. 

Tell Your Boss What You’re Doing

Your boss is probably a busy person. Because of this, they don’t always have the time to constantly monitor everyone and calculate their contribution to the team. 

Because of this, be sure to tell your boss what you’re doing. Make it clear how you’re adding value and, if possible, use data to back it up. Show them the reports proving that your work is valuable and contributing to the team. 

Start Recognizing Others

If you want people to recognize you, start making a point of recognizing others. Constantly praise what they’re doing and they will feel the urge to praise you as well. 

It sounds like a roundabout way of getting the recognition that you deserve, but it really works. What goes around, comes around. 

Gain More Qualifications

To really stand out, you might want to take additional qualifications. These can add to your CV and make you more capable than your colleagues at the office. Things like online leadership courses can make you more adept at leading, setting you up for promotions and pay rises in the future. 

Be Really Good At What You Do

There’s no substitute for being really good at what you do. If you’re a star performer, other people will have to take notice of you. 

Being good is the bedrock of practically all success. If other people can rely on you to produce quality consistently, they will come to naturally respect you over time. This appreciation will eventually morph into the things that you want, such as pay rises and promotions. 

Make Yourself Known

You probably know from experience that there are always some people in the office who are better known than others. These tend to be those who are loudest in meetings or make the biggest fuss whenever anything goes wrong. 

You want to make yourself known for all the right reasons. The more you can make yourself known in the office (perhaps by having the right conversations at the right time), the more everything will begin to gravitate towards you. 

Show Your Boss What You’re Doing

Lastly, don’t assume that your boss knows exactly what you’re doing or how you’re adding value. They may not. 

When working, always have a metric or piece of evidence in mind that you can show them that will prove the value of your work. For instance, you might show them output per employee before completing a project and then compare that to productivity after. 

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