7 Rewarding Jobs You Should Consider When Switching Career

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Are you thinking about changing your career but are unsure what you want to do? Perhaps you’re tired of working in a job where you can’t progress any further and are unable to set new targets. Having a job that allows you to keep working towards something is important. 

Setting yourself new career goals is rewarding in so many ways and can lead to increased job satisfaction, improved quality of life, and can increase your self-esteem. Whether you’re feeling unsatisfied at work, or bored of being micro-managed in your current role, or you simply just want a more fulfilling job, changing your career is easier than you think and it’s important to always set yourself achievable career goals.

If you are someone who wants to spend your time helping others and making a difference, there are plenty of rewarding jobs that you may be interested in. In this blog post, we’re going to explore six jobs you should consider if you are thinking about changing your career for something more fulfilling and that can make a difference to the world. 

911 Operator

A 911 dispatcher handles incoming emergency and non-emergency situations. People call for the police, ambulance, and fire department when they need help and assistance, and this can be a particularly distressing time for the person having to make the call. 

The calls come through day and night and require someone on the receiving end of the call to be calm under pressure and help reassure the person as best they can. Training is required and most employers will provide this. 

It is the operator’s responsibility to direct the right emergency responders to the people in need of help. The operator stays on the phone with the person until the emergency services they have requested has arrived on the scene. 

Skills you will need to do this role include being able to multi-task, make quick decisions, remain calm and composed, and have excellent communication and evaluation skills. You will be required to weigh up the situation in question, decide which services are sent to the scene, and how many. 


Becoming a nurse can be a very fulfilling career. It’s an ideal job for someone who is a natural nurturer and it will be a rewarding job opportunity. Each day you are responsible for helping patients who are sick or injured and play a part in them returning to full health. 

You will work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals which will require you to be able to communicate effectively to all levels. There are many different routes to take when it comes to nursing, from a registered nurse, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a nurse anesthetist, and labor and delivery nurse to name a few. 

Now more than ever, there is a high demand for nurses so if you are contemplating a career in nursing look at college or online nursing degree programs. There are benefits to online programs such as allowing you to be flexible with your schedule and complete work at your own pace and convenience. 

For some people, adopting a career in nursing at a later point in life is not uncommon and gives people the advantage of having life experience. Skills needed to become a nurse include compassion, critical thinking, cultural awareness, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn, train and retrain.

teacher in a classroom with students

A career in teaching is extremely rewarding as children and young people look up to their teachers. If you think back to your time at school, you probably had a favorite teacher who had an impact on your life. Teachers are there to help children learn, be inspired, encourage them, and help them to reach their full potential. 

A teacher has many roles to fill; you need to support your students as they learn new skills, be a resource specialist to always provide the correct information, and be a mentor to those around you including students and younger teachers.

There are dedicated programs that can help you retrain to become a teacher, and even help you find a teaching placement. Teaching can be a fulfilling job, offering you the chance to change people’s lives for the better. You can even help develop somebody’s interest in a subject. 

For a successful career in teaching, you must have great communication skills (both verbally and written), excellent presentation skills, have confidence, and be able to remain calm and collected even under stress. You will need to be organized, able to deal with conflict, emphasize and motivate your students, as well as work effectively in a group. 

Relationship Counselor 

Being a relationship counselor (or couples therapist or marriage counselor as it’s otherwise known) is important in helping others to feel happy about themselves as an individual, as a couple, and a family. The quality of a relationship can have a big impact on our daily lives and how we treat those around us. 

One of the main aspects of this role involves working with couples to resolve arguments and difficulties that may unfold due to conflict. To become a relationship counselor, you must be a licensed professional and will need to be trained in individual, couples, and family counseling. 

One of the fundamental skills needed for this type of job is to be a great listener. A relationship counselor doesn’t offer advice to the couple in question but will listen to both parties involved and will also encourage them to listen to one another. The counselor will ask a series of questions as a way to get the couple to express their feelings and emotions. 

You will need to diagnose relationship problems and create treatment plans, explore the dynamics involved in the problems, and create new positive experiences for couples. The skills required for this type of job are good interpersonal and communication skills, patience, compassion, be a good problem solver and be observant. 


If you are looking for a new career that truly makes a difference, you should consider becoming a caregiver. Not only will you make a huge difference in the patient’s life, but you’ll also be helping make a difference to their family’s lives too. 

The role allows you to provide help and support to those in need of care whether they are young or old, allowing them to live happier lives. The majority of the support you will provide will be practical and involve cooking, washing, dressing, and cleaning. But there will be times when you may provide emotional support to the patient or their family. 

To provide the best support that you can, you will need to be compassionate, observant, well-organized, and patient. You will need good interpersonal and communication skills, as you’ll need to discuss updates with the family or doctors, and the role will require you to interact with people throughout the day. 

Due to many people needing care and assistance, employers are happy to take on workers and give them training on the job. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work, and it does require someone who can be flexible, proactive, make informed decisions, as well as someone who has physical strength as you may need to lift patients and you will be on your feet most of the day. 

Become an actor 

Acting is a very rewarding job. You bring smiles to other peoples faces and have many different career opportunities. You could go into film with the aim to become one of the richest movie stars (you’ve got to be ambitious). Alternatively, you could act in a theatre show or aim to be a soap star – The possibilities are endless. When looking in your local area, you’ll most likely find plenty of acting schools that you can join, no matter your age.

Pet Adoption Counselor

If you love animals and want to help cats and dogs find their forever homes, then a career as a pet adoption counselor may be the role you’re looking for. A pet adoption counselor is responsible for helping animals at shelters find a loving, suitable family. 

The role can be very fulfilling and rewarding, with duties such as reviewing applications, observing interactions between pet and potential owner, walking dogs, helping with fundraisers, and training and supervising volunteers. Working at a shelter, you need to have a love and understanding for all the animals and have empathy for animals that may be injured or abandoned. 

With this type of work, shelters are usually looking for someone who has experience working with animals or are passionate about rescuing animals in need so you could start as a volunteer in this role. It is recommended to complete a course in animal behavior or a dog training program. 

You should have a good understanding of how animals think and be able to evaluate people to determine if they are a good fit for the animal they want to adopt. Other important skills required for this role include being able to communicate effectively with animals and people, knowing how to remain safe around potentially violent animals, and be passionate about the work being carried out. 

Whether you work full time or part-time, advancing your education can give you a headstart when you want to change your career. Fortunately, online classes have made completing a degree easier than ever. The Central Christian College of Kansas offers a wide range of degree programs that you can complete through their convenient and individualized online curriculum.

CCCK has a supportive community of advisors and faculty who can help you earn your bachelor’s or associate degree and achieve your career change goals while still balancing your professional and personal life.

The courses offered at CCCK are 100 percent online with no mandatory log-in times. You are allowed to complete your coursework wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. The courses are also affordable and transfer-friendly, enabling you to earn the degree faster and save on tuition costs.

Additionally, as a CCCK student, you are partnered with a personal Student Success Advisor who will guide you through the entire course from registration to graduation, ensuring that you have all the resources necessary to succeed in your education.

These are just six jobs you should consider if you are thinking about switching your career for a more fulfilling and satisfying role, but there are much more available. It’s worth noting that these are not your typical 9-5 jobs, with some requiring longer hours than you may be used to and some days can be harder than others, both psychically and mentally. However, if you do choose one of the jobs mentioned in this post, you will be helping different worthwhile causes and making a huge difference in many people’s lives. 

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