Celebrate 40 Years with 40 Gifts

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Celebrating a 40th birthday, or any milestone birthday, is a big deal! To celebrate a big milestone birthday, we decided to do something fun that lasted all day (or to be honest, a few days)! Instead of getting one gift to say Happy Birthday, we decided to celebrate 40 years with 40 gifts! This is great for any birthday—just match the number of gifts to the age!

Start a head of time

Coming up with 40 gift ideas won’t come over night! It takes a lot of time and thought to put a gift like this together. Give yourself a few months to pay attention to the needs of the birthday recipient and start a list on your phone. You will be amazed at how many clues you will get when you are listening for them!

Don’t break the bank (on every gift)

40 gifts add up quickly, so be mindful about getting some smaller gifts that aren’t too pricey. Shop online and think about using cash back sites like Shopper Army to save where you can! With that said, get a few gifts that the birthday recipient will really love! Once you have all the gifts purchased, wrap them and get the ready to go! Then, decide if you are going to order them or let the birthday recipient choose them on a whim!

Clues, please!

I like the idea of putting them in an order and working the way up to the best gifts in the bunch! One more thing, every present is more fun with a clue! I match each present with a one liner that gives them a hint of what might be inside and I make it personal to them…when I can! If you are really adventurous, you could do a scavenger hint and hide presents for them to open throughout the day!

Gift ideas

Get creative and include gifts that have more than one item. For example, a pack of 3 pairs of socks can count as 3 gifts!

  1. Picture frame with a photo inside
  2. Bathing suit
  3. Favourite underwear
  4. Fun socks
  5. Regular, everyday socks
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Air Pod Case Cover
  8. Reusable coffee cup
  9. Workout items:
    • workout gloves
    • weights
    • workout band
  10. T-shirts
  11. Sandals
  12. Baseball Hat
  13. $40 coffee cards
  14. Tea
  15. Picture for the wall
  16. Kitchen items
    • Coffee pod holder
    • Mixing bowls
    • Wine bottle opener
  17. Blanket
  18. Wallet
  19. Chocolate
  20. Personalized gifts
    • lunch box
    • Post it notes holder
How do you celebrate milestone birthdays?

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  1. Hello Jenna,

    Your list is satisfying for me, and it will really help me to come out from big problem which I face while selection of perfect gift on perfect time.

    Mother’s day gifts are really a big challenge for me to select. What I do, I use imagination to pick mother’s day gifts based on my mom’s taste and interests and it require intention to show that I really care her truly.

    Thanks for sharing your creative experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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