How to pack for a work trip in the City

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Work Trip in the City by andreafellman featuring pointed toe flat shoes


Packing for a work trip that includes some personal time can be challenging.  For a short 3 day trip you only need a carry on and so I suggest you pick a color scheme. That way all your shoes, accessories and handbags can be mixed and matched with each outfit.  Either go with a black theme, brown/neutrals or a carefully selected mix of colors. This is a black and gold color scheme but you could certainly add some color with a scarf or trench coat.

1. Dark Denim

Invest in a nice pair that can be dressed up or down with boots, flats or heels.  This is the first thing I put into the suitcase. Wearing denim with the right top, jacket or blazer and accessories can still be very professional.  These jeans can also be worn after work for a more casual dinner.

2. Carry All Bag

A large bag to hold your laptop or ipad, phone, notepad, business cards, scarf, on-the-go snack, make-up bag and any other essentials. This bag needs to double as a work bag but also serve as just a day tote for any personal time you get to go explore the city.

3. A Dress

The easiest outfit to back, since it is only one garment.  Choose a dress that can be worn for either a meeting, event or cocktails with clients. Not too fancy but not to casual. If you don’t like to wear dresses ( I actually don’t), then pack two extra dressy or professional tops.

4. Black Pants

Leggings, pants or jeans.  These can be worn so many ways.   Very casual with boots or flats to dressed up with heels and a gorgeous tunic for the evening  You can wear these on the plane for comfort and still use them for many outfits on the trip.

5. Cute Flats

You’ll need some flats for city walking during the day.  Here is where you could throw in some colorful flats to brighten things up.  A hot pink or red pair could work with the outfits above.

Savvy Flats:

Flat Out Heels are flats that can be rolled up an fit easily into your handbag and they are  only $19.99.  If you start your day in heels you can do a quick change after work to save your feet.

6. Black Heels

You’ll want a heel for any evening events, dinner or cocktail receptions.  Perfect for a dress but can instantly dress up a pair of dark jeans or a pair of leggings, with the right fancy tunic.

7. A Clutch

Nothing is worse than forgetting a smaller evening bag and having to lug around your large tote bag that could fit a small child.  An emty clutch doesn’t tak up much more room in your carry on.

Savvy Packing:

Use the clutch to pack jewelry & accessories, medications, or tech accessories such as laptop and phone chargers.

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