Holiday Travel Tips from “Residence Moms” (that’s me)

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Are you and your family traveling this Holiday Season?    Well, everyone knows that family travel can be stressful and especially around the holidays when half the country is on the move!  This past summer I was asked to be apart of a round table discussion regarding family travel.  I was among 9 other savvy traveling moms who gave our expertise, tips, suggestions and some good ol’ motherly advice to the people over at the Residence Inn.

Family Travel the Residence Inn Way

Here are the top 10 “Residence Moms” tips for stress-free travel

Tip One: Soar on flight:

“When we’re flying, I go to the 99 cents store and I buy each kid 5 toys they have never seen before, and then when they get on the airplane they get to pick one out of the bag, and it/s exciting because they’ve never seen it before and it keeps them busy. I also always wait until everyone gets on before getting on with my kids, so there’s no extra wait time.”  Laurie McDermott (LA Examiner and LA Family)

Tip Two: Get your children involved in the planning

“Involve your kids in as much of trip’s planning as possible.  Let each child choose at least one favorite, must do activity.”  Joyce Shulman (Macaroni Kid)

Tip Three: Rest your head in a comfortable bed

“When traveling, the number one thing that appeals to me is a good night’s sleep.  Meaning that I need a comfortable bed to rest my head.  It is one of my favorite things about my house, so I feel more at home when the bed measures up to what I’m used to.“  Laurie Cooper (Clueless Mama)

Tip Four: Room to relax (without the kids!)

“When I travel, I look for suites that have a door that closes between the bedroom and the other rooms so I don’t have to go to bed at 7:30pm at night. It’s also nice to have a balcony or patio, because then the kids can go to bed and my husband and I can sneak out and have a glass of wine and talk without having to whisper.”  Colleen Lanin (TravelMamas)

Tip Five: Compliment your stay with a complimentary breakfast

Sarah Chang (Stroller Ballet):

“A complimentary hot breakfast is key when traveling with kids. Having organic food options or grocery delivery is great; apples, strawberries, and grapes are great for my daughter.”

Tip Six: Full size fridge ahead

Shelby Barone (OC Mom):

“We have to bring a lot of food for food allergies, so we always call ahead to see if there is a refrigerator and microwave in the room, which is helpful. It’s nice when there is a full freezer and fridge.”

Tip Seven: Choose hotels that are child-friendly

“Great hotel experiences I have had are where the staff acknowledges my children. I love it when they treat my children as guests as well.”  Carol Cain (NYCityMama)

*Tip Eight: The inside scoop on where to go, eat, and visit

“It’s important to plan or find child friendly restaurants in the area. I have always thought that hotels should have sample itineraries when they know families are coming with some great places that other families have enjoyed – a great cupcake shop, restaurant suggestions for kids and for date nights – the gems of the city. To have it all on one cute little card would be great.”  Andrea Fellman (SavvySassyMoms)

Tip Nine: Regroup and recharge in spacious lobbies

“I love great seating areas in the hotel because when I’m with my family I like to have our own space to regroup and chat for a few minutes.”  Chelsea Skaggs (SomedayI’llLearn)

Tip Ten: Quality first

“The most memorable trips we’ve had, and the hotels we’ve liked, are the ones that have offered good quality all around. Sure you want a nice room and stuff, but when the restaurant is awesome and there’s a clubhouse where you can grab a great burger it makes all the difference. People like good food and it can make a trip. What differentiates hotels is the service.”  Jill Seiman (Glamamom)

With more than 620 locations across the U.S., Canada and Europe, and free hot breakfast, spacious suites, swimming pools, laundry facilities and a complimentary grocery service, Residence Inn truly makes moms’ lives easier.

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  1. These are great tips. Complimentary breakfast is always a great idea. We would also pack diapers and other soft items like stuffed animals or blankets in a car seat or stroller bag if we were bringing one because these items are free on most airlines. Just don’t over pack. Also, check out our gogo Kidz Travelmate. It made our travels easier and happier. An absolute life and sanity saver – the kids were comfy and content in their own car seats.

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