Holiday Travel: Minnesota Bound

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To Grandma’s house we go….

We are headed to back home to Minnesota and we leave on Christmas day.  I have never flown on Christmas day, but I hear that the airport is actually calm and totally bearable.  I will of course let you all know if this is true or not.  We are very excited to see family and friends and I am also excited to meet up with a few Minnesota Bloggers!  I will be blogging about our trip home and surviving the cold in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Some of you might be wondering what the heck is there to do there in Minnesota in the winter and Brrrr!    So I will give you the daily “Chill Report”.  We will literally be home for 12 days and as luck would have it my Mom found this book, The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota.  (She bought it of course).  

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  1. Love the book! And, safe and happy travels to you and your family. We’re braving it with our twins this year. There’s plenty to do, for sure. Go sledding, go skiing, get stuck in a blizzard, fall on the ice (but somehow manage to save the casserole you’re carrying from smashing into a 1,000 pieces), narrowly escape frostbite…

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