Happy Place Toronto

C’mon Get Happy! What is Happy Place Toronto?

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If you love a cute photo op for you Insta, we’re going to let you in a little secret. Before all the other Instagrammers flock to Toronto’s vibrant harborfront, you’d better get on down to Happy Place! Happy Place is a pop-up museum in Toronto until January 6, 2019. Pop-ups like these are frequenting big cities around the U.S., if you remember our article about The Museum of Ice Cream. Canadians have been green with envy, wanting a cool pop up of our own. Happy Place answered Toronto’s prayers. Downtown, near the lake in one of Toronto’s most desirable areas, this pop-up gives you the opportunity to feel happy with the beautiful bright colors in the cold dark winter. Happy Place Toronto will surely help kick those Snow Blues.

Happy Place Toronto

An Instagrammers dream

The one-way directionality of the Happy Place, guests take pictures to brighten up their day—not to mention their Instagram feeds. Whether you are upside in your bedroom or trapped in a room with gumball machines, this space is a fun way to spend a cold winter’s day.

C’mon get happy!

Happy Place Toronto

From jumping into a yellow bathtub surrounded wall to wall by yellow rubber ducks all the way to a room full of decorated cookies, these quick photo ops won’t disappoint. My kids would be obsessed with the cookie rooms! Don’t worry there is a cookie tasting station if the cookie room gives you a craving.

Happy Place Toronto, surround yourself in color!

Happy Place Toronto

Surrounded by color, the beginning and end will have you throwing confetti into the air in the confetti dome. Work your way to the ultimate finale of jumping into a ball pit, where you are surrounded by color and vibrancy. No doubt the inside will start to match your outside surroundings. It is time to reconnect with your inner Happly Place!

Images taken by @alimartell

What is your happy place?

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