Goldie Blox makes engineering fun

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Encouraging building with my daughter

My daughter whips through her math homework before I have time to re-heat my morning coffee in the microwave. Numbers come easily to her, but when she’s ready to play, she typically ignores the building toys. When she does drag out those bins, she’s crafting things in different ways, creating a narrative for her play that seldom involves making more than a house for her favorite dolls or animals. Since my days as a math teacher, I’ve been aware of the STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — gap between boys and girls, and I don’t want to see my daughter fall into the “I’m not good at math!” trap.

Goldie Blox toys

Goldie Blox toys make STEM fun

She opened the Goldie Blox sets with huge, excited eyes. Immediately she opened the little storybook that outlines the story behind each of the Goldie Blox toys. We read through the story together — first the Goldie Blox Parade Float — and she delighted over each of the little animal pieces that would ride atop the completed float. Something I love about the concept is that each set focuses on engineering concepts like the wheel and axle, explaining them in a simple way that makes their execution into the toy seamless.

Goldie Blox toys
Goldie Blox provides interactive, independent play

Independent play isn’t my girl’s favorite thing, even as she gets ready to attend first grade in the fall. With the storyline of the building set in the background, she began to build, narrating her steps to the little dog included in the Dunk Tank set. The instructions were colorful and clear, so I didn’t need to guide her through the building process. Watching her compare pieces and figure out the mechanics of the Dunk Tank on her own was really gratifying. The instructions and storybook are on high-quality card stock, which all parents know is crucial if they’re going to last through more than a couple days in a high-traffic playroom.

Goldie Blox toys

Bring machines to life with Goldie Blox

We moved the Dunk Tank into the kitchen for the final testing of the product — bouncing a ball against the target to knock the now-familiar dog into a cup of water. Bouncing the ball in the right way took a few tries, but my budding engineering and her brother giggled and laughed as they tried. She didn’t even mind taking turns with him, because she was able to explain to him the reason it worked, pointing out the different parts of the mechanism.

Goldie Blox materials


Continue the fun with Goldie Blox

An added bonus of the Goldie Blox toys is that each of the sets includes additional ways the blocks can be used. The other suggestions keep the Goldie Blox feeling new, and they let kids explore the different ways the same parts can be put together to make something else fun. My daughter’s already picking out the Goldie Blox sets she plans on putting on her Christmas list.

How do you encourage your kids to step outside their comfort zone during play time?
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  1. Kids are grown so the grand kids are really rocking now.
    They all have their own unique personality and I strongly encourage that!
    thank you

  2. My girls are grown, but I have 8 granddaughters and they are all awesome!

  3. My daughter built a remote control dog last year in 1st grade for her robot project. She loves Science and she’s a 3rd degree orange belt in karate but still loves her Disney Princesses!

    @lmalone619 on IG Thanks for the chance!

  4. My daughter loves building and playing. She is a super hard worker who tries to do her best.

  5. I know quite a few little girls who would just love these. (And BIG girls too)

  6. My daughter rocks, because she’s mine! I help her rock by teaching her anything and everything, and encouraging her to be whatever she wants to be.

  7. My daughter rocks because she is thoughtful, creative and a hard working girl.

  8. My 8 year old is outgoing and very caring. I encourage her to be herself and not let others discourage her from being the happy and creative person she is.

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