Finding the most comfortable bra

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Finding the Perfect Bra

Finding the most comfortable bra is much like finding the perfect pair of jeans. You’ll have a stack of denim in your closet but you always grab your favorite pair. The same is true for bras, we all have a drawer full but we always seem to wear the same one over and over. That’s because just like a great pair of jeans, a great bra that fits perfectly is comfortable and makes you feel good.

Vanity Fair Lingerie has totally changed the way I feel about putting on a bra in the morning. The fabrics of Vanity Fair bras are so soft and luxurious you’ll want to place them in a draw perfectly and treat them like you do your shoe or handbag collection. Vanity Fair has sent me a lot of bras to give a try and I have my three favorites that i keep wearing over and over. I should also mention I am a 34B to give you some perspective..

Fits You Perfectly Vanity Fair Bra

Fits you Perfectly Wire Free Bra

This bra is what I would call sporty-chic and is the perfect t-shirt bra. It has a beautiful seamless cut that is so soft and smooth, you really forget you’re even wearing a bra. I wear a lot of v-neck t-shirts and this bra supports and has smooth lines that makes t-shirts look great. If you are not a fan of underwire, then this is a perfect option. I also love this toasted coconut color! Fits You Perfectly Wire Free

Next To Nude Vanity Fair Bra


Next to Nude Underwire Bra

This bra I have worn when I have dressed things up a bit and worn things that needed a bit more cleavage. The fabric is very pretty with a thin and silky texture. It is truly a light weight bra that feels next to nude. The underwire helps give the lift I want but still holds everything in place.
Next to Nude Underwire Bra

Full Coverage Illumination Vanity Fair Bra

Full Coverage Illumination Underwire Bra

This bra is my daily go to bra because I feel fully supported but it stills has plenty of flexibility. This bra is a bit thicker and has wider straps so it’s great for t-shirts, blouses and button up shirts. I love these two colors violet steel and the midnight black.  Full Coverage Illumination Underwire Bra

The thing about bras is, that they can totally change the way you look in your clothing, not to mention how you feel the rest of the day. No one wants to be limited or confined by their bra. Afterall, the first fashion rule of thumb is that you have to start with the right undergarments to really make your clothing look it’s best, so finding a perfect bra is just as important as finding those perfect jeans.

Have you tried Vanity Fair Bras?  I highly recommend you do.

Vanity Fair Lingerie has launched the “Women Who Do” campaign and is traveling across the country giving women a lift with their LiftTOUR – attend on of these special events and see for yourself just how comfortable these bras are!
Vanity Fair_LiftTOUR_Poster

Disclosure: I am a Vanity Fair Lingerie brand ambassador, only because I love their bras so much. All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.  I share this with you because I want to be helpful and honest to stylish Moms everywhere.

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  1. I agree. There’s always that one bra that you’d wear if possible. I have 3 though, which is better. But you need to change them every now and then. Might wanna give this Vanity Fair a shot.

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