Geek Meets Chic: Last Minute Gifts For the Techy Mama in Your Life!

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We are counting down the days now, scrambling around for the perfect present for everyone on your list. If you have a “techonista” in your life that you are just not sure what to buy for, let me help you out with suggestions on what I see as some of the best techy presents of the year. 
Geek Meets Chic
1) A new Phone Cover
Phone covers are no longer about just protecting your phone; They are now a vital statement piece in your accessories closet. I change my case with the seasons, but with all the adorable covers out there, I may start changing them to match my outfits! Funny sayings or images or even just a cool design, you can’t go wrong getting a girl a fun new phone cover. ($20-$40)
2) Back-up Phone Chargers
If you are like me – you are always on the go and your phone is getting quite the battery workout. Up until now on-the-go chargers have been clunky or big, but not anymore. This season J Crew offered up a variety of back-up batteries for iPhones 3G-4S in adorable prints (with matching cases!). For under $40 these are perfect to stick in your purse when you get a bump in your battery life.
3) Funny and Actually Very Useful Headsets
Earlier this year, POP PHONE sent me a turquoise version of their fun retro headset to play with. I have to say, working from home and having my iPhone as my primary line, I use this accessory constantly. I know, I could just use my headset, but then I have to go digging around for where I left it. This is big and bright, and another work-at-home bonus, people can tell you are on the phone when they walk into the room.
4) Dress Up For Her Laptop!
Top on my fun tech list this year are Istickr keyboard decals. For $18, these are a fun and colorful way to dress up the item that most techy mamas stare at almost more than their kids – their keyboards. If your keyboard gets as much wear as mine does, these are quick way to make it feel new again – and they pull off with no residue. 
5) FitBit
This is a nifty little device to help out with all those New Year Resolutions we’re going to make on being healthier! FitBit is a little gadget that you wear that not only tracks your steps and calories burned but also your sleep cycle at night to help you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you in the morning. It also wireless connects to an iOS app to give you charts showing your progress and change. For $99 this is a great way to get a good start to the new year. 
6) Kate Spade iPad Folios
I love the light-hearted humor that’s infused in the line’s products. And being that I find myself wanting to use “hashtag” in spoken word, i find their new line of Hashtag branded products are simply fabulous. $85
7) Sony Handycam 
I’m guilty of capturing important things like the kid’s performances on my iPhone. While its good for the moment, I always regret not having a better version of it. That’s why I was so excited when Sony sent me this HDR-PJ260V High Definition Handycam Camcorder last month. Equipped with a built-in projector, this Handycam shoots Full HD 1920 x 1080 video and can also project your home movies up to 100″ diagonal. The camcorder can take 8.9 megapixels still images as well. It features 16GB of embedded flash memory, which provides up to three hours of recording. The camcorder is equipped with a back-illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor that’s ideal for low-light situations. A perfect camera to record the holiday’s special moments with. $499
8) MacBook Air
Really I’m just putting this on here hoping for some stroke of fortune that Santa will leave a MacBook Air under the tree for me. It’s so thin. And light. And pretty. And if tantrums really got me what I wanted, I would have put a 2-year olds to shame by now. $1000+

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