Funny Moms: Jenny Iseman gets a show {watch}

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My friend Jenny Iseman has a new show.  Jenny Iseman is the funny girl behind the blog Suburban Jungle.  She makes me laugh. Out loud.  I mean, the girl has made me almost choke on my coffee and snort.  Laughing is good for the soul and Moms more than anyone, need to laugh.  I kind of think of Jenny as the Chelsea Handler for Moms (please don’t tell her I said that, it’ll totally go straight to her head).

So, I am sharing her PREMIER episode right here.  It’s titled “The Drinking Show”.  Watch as Jenny talks juicing, juice fasts, energy drinks, smoothies, and teas.  Are they really the best thing for you?  Should you be getting all your calories through a straw?

7 reasons you should watch:

7. In 7 minutes she covers:  Why juice fast actually make you gain more weight.  Why you don’t have to down those 8 glasses anymore. A good reason to justify your coffee addiction. Why the blender you already own is better than the pricey juicer you want to buy.

8. Her guests, Lyssie and Tammy Lakatos (The Nutrition Twins) are incredibly knowledgeable, but little and cute, like action figures … really smart action figures.

6. She references old school Gen X faves, like Mad Dog 20/20, Boone’s and Peach Shnapp’s … don’t pretend like you never sipped them from a paper bag!

5. She has a hot barista, whose sole job is to whisper “Mommy Porn” inspired sweet nothings like: “Tonight I’ll do the dishes and fold all the laundry!”

4. She embarrassingly, calls one of her guests the wrong name.

3. You deserve 7 minutes of fun each day.

2.  You’ll actually learn something and laugh at the same time.

1. Did I mention the barista is shirtless?

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