Blue Shield and Red Tricycle Celebrate Moms Who Make a Difference

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As moms, we keep our kids clean, clothed, and well fed. We wipe butts, put band-aids on booboos, and celebrate victories. But in these changing times, things aren’t always that simple.

The health and wellness of our children is fast becoming a priority in a society where junk food, video games, and YouTube have become the norm.  Anything from adding more fruits and veggies to meals to supporting your local farmers market brings awareness to the plight.

Red Tricycle and Blue Shield of California have teamed up to spotlight local moms that are on a mission to promote health and wellness in their communities. These ladies have inspired others to promote healthy and active lives—all the while balancing the needs of their own family.

Ready to get inspired?  Read more about Moms Who Make a Difference on Red Tricycle. There you’ll find out about moms like Nicole Dawes, the Founder and CEO of Late July Organic Snacks, who remains committed to providing healthy, organic snack foods to our kids. And you’ll learn more about Stephanie and Beth, the moms behind OC Mommies. They put together a fundraising event called Trike 41, where over 100 toddlers rode tricycles to fundraise $10,000 for other kids their age fighting cancer.

OC Mommies making a difference and raising awareness for health education.

Do you know a mom that’s making a difference? Nominate yourself or a friend in the We Shield Moms contest today and you could win:

  • $5,000 donation to a California-based charity in their name
  • $500 shopping spree at California-based clothing company, Patagonia
  • An annual pass to your family’s favorite local zoo or museum

The runner up mom will receive:

  • $1000 donation to a California-based charity in their name
  • $100 shopping spree at California-based clothing company Patagonia
  • Six one-time passes to your family’s favorite local zoo or museum

Blue Shield of California will choose 10 finalists. The community will vote to choose a winner and a runner up.

Moms, what do you do to keep your family healthy and happy?

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Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles native - born and raised. Before becoming a mom, and writing for various parenting sites so she could be home full time with her son, she was a publicist representing environmentally progressive architects and contractors - one of whom just finished building a home completely out of parts from a Boeing 747. Now that's cool!

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