Woman Makes Millions from Laundry Room?

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So this weekend we converted our laundry room into my new home office!
I know you are green with envy…

Some girls may get the corner office with a window, but not me, I get the Washer and Dryer! Our laundry room happens to be quite spacious and my desk did fit perfectly. It is right off the kitchen, (convenient for coffee refills) and I do have a window and a door leading to the back yard. The pantry and utility closet are behind me and a bathroom is just steps away, so over all it’s an Amazing Location!

However, I loath the thought of being a housewife and yet I find myself sitting in the midst of it! This is very funny and motivating, “Either Make Money or Do Laundry!” Perhaps this is my own purgatory and I am to remain here until my goals are met, tasks completed and success is achieved.

I can see the headline now, “Woman makes Millions from Laundry Room!”

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  1. I also have a corner office/studio in our laundry room and it has the added advantage of being in the basement. What the advantage is I’m not sure, but it’s all mine and I love it for that. I call it my one woman sweatshop and I don’t get to spend nearly enough time there…ahhh, someday.

  2. Be wary, however, of just jumping into the idea of having a laundry room office…..I’m on the other side of the basement from my laundry room, and if you have a job that requires listening and a 24-hour turnaroud time, you will one day find yourself faced with choosing between a load of laundry or the next file! (might be different for folks with newer models than I, but the whirring, swooshing, spinning, etc. can drown out hard-to-hear tidbits). Presents no problem for other working tasks.

  3. Okay, so my “office” is in the kitchen and my bedroom (which doesn’t exactly endear me to my husband… LOL!); it’s amazing how much multi-tasking you can do in those two rooms. But I wonder how much more productive I’d be if I had my own office… boy THAT sure would be nice…

  4. you are so funny, I love this blog. I must admit I am green with envy about the office now matter where it might be.

  5. I love this – especially the part of loathing being a “housewife”, but yet working in the laundry room!

    I very recently had the brilliant idea of setting up a workspace for myself in our unused front porch (we never use that door). Lots of natural light, French doors, a view of the garden. Even a door closing me off from the rest of the house, if needed…I had found the solution to having my own space…until the other day. I had been calling out to my husband, and couldn’t figure out where he was.

    You KNOW where he was. Perched in my little sanctuary, doing work on his computer!

    This morning he said to me “I think I’ll work from home for the next couple of mornings”.

    Will there ever be an area that will be all mine again??? You may be on to something with the laundry room…but oh yeah, that’s where the cat litter is.

    I can’t win!

  6. Hysterical!!!! My first “office” was a corner of a shared 2-BR apt., and I was so proud of that wooden table in the corner – my “headquarters!” Your post was great – I’ve always promoted my own blog (www.MomTiniLounge.com) by saying, “put your feet on your desk or on a heaping pile of laundry & dish with other moms.” I loved your post!

  7. Be thankful you even have a laundry room to put your office in! We have NO laundry room in our home. Our wonderful builder (in 1981) put the washer and dryer in the garage. THE GARAGE! We live in Texas! I do laundry outside in 100+ heat during the summer months. Oh and my office…. is in a closet. The closet of the bedroom my husband has decided to use for his office. Niiiice!

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