Bounce House Mayham!

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Today I took my little kiddos to Amy’s Indoor Playground and it was packed!  The June gloom and drizzle of rain makes any indoor playground a moms go-to on days like today.  I made my way to the picnic tables, got out a magazine, tweeted from my iPhone and did what I do best – REST and let the kids just do what they do best – PLAY!

My daughter was begging me to jump with her in the bounce house. So, I peeled myself off the bench and jumped with her. Typically, this lasts for about 5 minutes until I find a way to escape. But today, I got a crazy idea to growl and pretend to be a monster.  Of course, my kids screamed and wanted more, more and more.  We were having a good time, but then I saw a couple other beady little eyes looking at me wanting to join in.  Suddenly I was the “FUN” mom and well, I was already committed so I went with it.

But it sure turned ugly fast! I was pinned in the corner and being attacked by five 4yr old boys!  Elbows were flying and I was being punched in the stomach, and kicked in the shins.  I knew that this was sure to end in tears. I couldn’t even see my own kids, and in the distance I could see a mom that looked like she wanted to help, but not much she could do with a baby on her hip. I was all alone.

Then sure enough, I see my 2 year old son get knocked down by one of the bigger boys and the tears started to roll!  I like to think that my little man was coming to rescue me from the depths of bounce house hell, my knight in shining armour!  So I scooped my little guy up and retreated back to safety.

FYI tell your kids not to take out the “FUN ” mom’s kid, cause she’ll pack up and go home!

And, Moms don’t go in the bounce house alone, safety in numbers!

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  1. One of the great things about being the “FUN” mom is that your kids friends want to hang out at your house. This is very helpful when they get older because you can keep track of where your kids are and what they’re doing.

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