Can your 16 month old read yet?

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New moms are constantly bombarded with the typical milestone questions:

“Is your baby sitting up yet?”
“Is she crawling?”
“Is your 12 month old walking?”

What if the next question was…
“Does your 16 month old know how to read?”

Most moms might think this is a ridiculous question but watch the video below and you’ll see it’s not such an off-the-wall question after all.

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  1. Mine can’t read, but he sure can talk. Kid never stops! And, amazingly enough, other people can even understand most of what he says!

  2. This clip is very impressive.
    I`ve just recently written a post on my blog about teaching my toddler to read.
    It might not be as impressive as the baby in this clip, but every good parent knows, every child is different and unique in their own way and learning is not about competition… it`s about life.

  3. 1) Love your blog site!

    2) YIKES! I so disdain being a naysayer…but alas, I must say this…the BEST we can do for our kids is foster their imagination, encourage creativity and surround them in a literacy-rich environment. Imagination and creativity will take kids much further in life than the age at which they begin to read.

    There’s loads of research that tells us why it is never good to force such academics at an early age. The brain is simply not ready for it. When we do this, I wonder if we are doing more harm than good?

    Back to basics with our babes…let’s let them enjoy their childhood. Social-emotional development is a FAR GREATER predictor of success in life than academics overall! That’s why the Kidlutions Preferred Product Awards were created. Emotional smarts matter most!

    I’m just sayin’! 🙂

    Kudos to you on your site!

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