Four incredible lightweight strollers to pay attention to now!

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What if you could have a stroller that weighs very little but still had all the storage and amenities you need in a full-sized one? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this stroller looked good and was well made, too? Is this too much to ask? Fortunately, the answer is no, it is not too much to ask and many strollers fill the bill.

We moms are busier than ever and lugging a huge stroller around that takes up all the trunk space is simply not an option. But we want something a little more substantial than an umbrella stroller; maybe you want to use this stroller with your newborn and it needs to accommodate a car seat.

Now I would like to help you find just the one for your needs and budget. And this was not an easy feat! There are so many good lightweight brands out there today. But what I am going to do is give you four top-rated strollers in different budget guidelines. So whether you can spend under $100 or the grandparents have given you a blank check for your stroller, you will get something that has had phenomenal reviews both from professionals and with product owners who’ve written in with their experiences. Let’s get started…

Budget up to $100

This was a tough choice, but I have to go with the Contours Lite, which costs between $54-$85, depending on the retailer. The Contours Lite has a 4.5-star rating for features such as
a near-flat reclining seat, lots of storage, and a snack tray for the kiddo. I like the modern design, particularly the single front wheels, which have gotten compliments for good maneuverability.

The convenience factor is fabulous; Countours Lite weighs just 15.5 pounds and has a stand-alone fold. It is compact enough to fit in some rather small cars like a Mini Cooper!

Consumer Reports rates the Contours Lite at 77% with “very good” marks across the board for safety, maneuverability and ease of use standards. Love that!

Under $200

The juggernaut of baby products has taken this category: Graco! They’ve been in business long enough to keep on top of trends by introducing new products to their extensive line that satisfies their loyal customer base. Now that’s a winning formula.

Late last year Graco gave us the new UrbanLite, another single-wheeled stroller similar to the MetroLite. You can expect to pay between $150-$160 for the stroller by itself. Travel systems go between $260-$280 or so.

Weighing a skosh under 20 pounds, the UrbanLite has, so far been getting 4.5-star reviews for the big storage basket, the pivoting sunshade and compact fold.

More thoughtful features include an adjustable-height handle and superb maneuverability. This is also quite a sturdy stroller, given how light it is, it can hold up to 50 pounds! It’s overall easy to use and is a quality product with soft seat padding for your child’s comfort.

I also like all the color options – from girly, gender neutral or for the boys. The UrbanLite comes either as a single stroller or as a travel system.

Their other new strollers, such as the FastAction Fold or the Dynamo Lite, are also getting great reviews and cost a bit less.

Under $300

OK, so this was one of the most difficult categories because I had to choose between two of the best strollers on the market. It was a contest between the Baby Jogger City Mini and the Britax B-Agile. This time around I had to pick the Baby Jogger because of their recent improvements for 2012 that pushed them into the lead.

What’s great about this year? A roomier seat for bigger kids, the City Mini has a 50 pound weight limit. Also the upper rear axle is curved, giving you far easier access to your storage basket. This enhancement addresses a customer complaint that has been going on for years, so kudos to listening to your customers! You also get stretchy sides on the storage basket for easier access and now there’s a locking mechanism on the stroller frame so that it stays together after folding it.

The award-winning Baby Jogger City Mini has been quite popular for many years. I see them all over my neighborhood, both single and double. The EVA tires never puncture or go flat, the quick fold is so revolutionary that other companies are quick to copy. This amazing little stroller weighs under 17 pounds and is very popular for travelling families. The canopy gives outstanding sun protection and you choose from six sporty color schemes. Overall rating? 4.5 stars and a 76% Consumer Reports grade. Baby Jogger City Mini is a clear winner.

Over $300

Here’s another new and innovative stroller that is both beautiful and functional: The Valco Baby Zee. This beautiful lightweight, compact stroller weighs only 18 pounds and I just love the sleek, angular lines. Of course being a luxury stroller means it has all the bells and whistles, such as a mesh peek-a-boo window that allows for better airflow, an adjustable foot rest and a canvas-covered bumper bar.

The Zee delivers a super smooth ride with rear-wheel suspension and never-flat tubeless rubber tires glide effortlessly. This stroller is a pure pleasure to use.

The seat has a weight capacity at 44 pounds and the strap recline goes from nearly upright all the way to nearly flat and that means that a newborn can ride right in the seat.

I really like the super-compact fold that is quick and easy to do and that I can roll along behind me. The Zee is going to fit in just about any car trunk and is a great choice for travel. All sorts of accessories are available to customize your Zee from a bassinet, a snack tray or parent cup holder. Universal car seat adapters turn this Valco stroller into a travel system.

Now there aren’t a whole lot of reviews out yet for this phenomenal little stroller, but the few that I have seen rave about the Zee and give it 5 stars.

If you prefer a similar stroller with more reviews, then I suggest the UPPAbaby Cruz.

Choices Choices

So I hope that by narrowing down these stroller options helps in your buying process. Factors such as budget, features and stroller weight, as well as what other parents say about a product all go into making the right choice for your family.

Curious about others? Come and explore more of these top-rated lightweight strollers for every budget.

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