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Your workout pet peeves solved: Fitness gadgets you need

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Spring is here which means it’s time to start freaking out over how little you worked out over the winter and how quickly summer will be here. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the latest gear and gadgets to solve your biggest exercise pet peeves. From untied shoe laces to earbuds that wiggle out mid-workout, we’ve got the fitness gadgets you need to get your butt in gear. No more excuses!

Problem: Untied shoelaces

Solution: Clipzeez


Nothing stalls a workout or run like stopping to re-tie your shoelaces. With Clipzeez, you’ll never have to worry about losing pace or time from an untied lace. I love that they can be used with any type of shoe, work with your existing laces, and most importantly, that they work! From mud runs to marathons, basketball shoes to hockey skates, Clipzeez keeps your laces tied. (As a side note, they are also great for kids, adults with special needs or the elderly.)

Problem: Headphone wiggle out

Solution: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds

Jabra Sport Pulse

I love these headphones. First, no wires. The Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds deliver the beats you need without any annoying wires and while still letting you control music playback, volume and even take calls with a quick tap on the earbuds. Second, these are designed for working out. You won’t have to worry about these popping out during your sprint or last burpee. Finally, the Jabra Sport Pulse are a multi-tasking wonder and are the world’s first stereo earbuds with a built-in biometric heart rate monitor. Used with the Jabra Sport Life app, you can plan, track and evaluate your workouts.

Problem: No where to stash your keys

Solution: FlipBelt


I’m guessing you aren’t exercising in bulky sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. I’m guessing you’ve got yourself a pair of cute leggings or shorts and a stretchy workout top with interesting straps or piping that shows off your best parts while keeping everything where it should be. This is all great – except when you’re trying to figure out a place to stash your keys, lip balm or phone. With the FlipBelt, you can keep your exercise essentials close at hand without sacrificing your sleek outfit. Slip your essentials into the pocket and then flip it over to keep them secure. Simple, sleek and easy to color coordinate with your workout wear.

Problem: You like to run at night…and get really thirsty.

Solution: GoMotion Synergy Hydration LightVest


This do-it-all vest has everything you need. A lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. A 1.0 L water bladder to keep you hydrated. Bungee storage straps to store your layers. A three level, 100 lumen LED light to help you see the trail ahead as well as reflective trim and dual flashing LED tail lights to ensure you’re visible to cars around you. Just add your favorite pair of kicks and some motivation.

 What are your favorite fitness gadgets?

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  1. Love this post! I going to have to check out that belt…it has to be way more comfy than running with your keys in your sports bra! 🙂

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