Keeping the Family Fit this Summer

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Fitness and exercise are areas of focus for a majority of adults. We attempt to maintain our physical fitness and overall wellbeing while working and living in quite a sedentary world. As my children grow I am looking for ways to incorporate fitness into our lives. As the main caregiver in my home I set a good example of working out, but more than just an example I try to create opportunities for my children to participate in fun activities with me that provide physical fitness and allow them to find new activities they enjoy with our family.

Hiking is a great summer group activity, one that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the kids depending on their age and endurance level. I have two boys and both of them LOVE dirt! This is an enjoyable activity as we get to explore our natural surroundings.

Gardening, although not a high impact activity and not technically sport, has become one of my favorite things to do with my children. It is an activity that impacts our sense of well-being and I get to teach my children how delicious these vegetables are that come from our own hard work. We love seeing the growth and different stages of the plants and teaching our children where our food comes from.

I live in a very hot and dry climate that can inhibit some outdoor activity with children in the heat of summer. We have found some indoor activities that improve our fitness and give us a good dose of fun. My children love music so weekly we host a “Dance Party” where we turn up the tunes and rock out in our family room. Obviously this is something that works best with the younger crowd, the kids who still think you are cool when you help them dance across the room or show them your latest and greatest hip-hop moves. We also practice yoga together which for the little ones translates to writhing around on the ground and laying on the mat. I love when my 3 year old asks if we can do yoga, he is learning to love physical movement and I hope that will carry through out his life.

Active sports such as soccer, basketball and kickball are all activities that are easily accessible to little kids and big kids alike. Other activities that can involve the whole family are bike riding, walking to the park to play and using playtime to enjoy games like tag, Simon says, hide and seek, and foot races. We also enjoy a local park that has a splash pad that is nice and refreshing and fun during the hot summer months. A summer goal at our house is to incorporate fitness and activity into the way we live so that we aren’t dependent on a piece of equipment or a gym membership to get our bodies moving.

As parents and caregivers we have an opportunity and responsibility to provide physical activities for our children and families and to help create and sustain a healthy lifestyle and why not have fun doing it?!

What are your savvy family fitness activities?


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  1. Loads of great ideas Lindsay! I find that my kids inspire me to be active too. I try to participate in as many activities together as possible. For family Yoga “Dance For the Sun” by Kira Willey is a great album. For a faster paced dance party we love The MusiGo Kids: Going Places C.D. Now that the weather is nice I have told my energetic 7 year old that I will pay him $1 to wake me up in the morning to go for a run (least expensive and most tenacious personal trainer ever!). I’m not much of a runner, but we do about 1k together and it’s a great way to start the day 🙂

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