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Kid & Coe

When you are traveling with kids, sometimes hotels just don’t cut it — and Kid & Coe experienced that first hand. The new wave of young, hip and experienced traveling families are looking to dive in and really live like the locals while seeing the world. But traditional family vacation rentals aren’t all that amazing. Refusing to sacrifice five-star accommodations, they are seeking out more than the untapped tourist markets or hidden gems of the city. For their stay, they want to feel like they reside there. Like they belong. Heading back to a traditional chain hotel suite with turndown service and every room is identical really isn’t exactly the local thing to do.


The Leavenworth Residence
San Francisco, California
2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths
$550 / Night

Daydreaming of travel

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with vacation rental sites. So much that it has become a real possibility that my DVR will serve me divorce papers for cheating on my primetime routine any day now. One minute I’m dreaming about spending the summer in Amsterdam, then Paris for a week. Or maybe spring break at some tropical paradise. And that’s where Kid & Coe comes into play. In fact, Kid & Coe is everything I’ve dreamed of for family travel and one of the hippest sites my pretty lil’ eyes have ever seen. They have simplified modern luxury family travel by wrapping it up in a beautiful white box, with a giant red bow and bright beautiful tissue paper with confetti. These properties are beyond what you would normally expect. Not only will you be a local, but you’ll be the President of the Cool Kids Club International.

Truly for luxury family travelers, Kid & Coe has carefully sought out homes all over the globe and have provided sophisticated travelers a reliable outlet to book stays in properties that resemble those on your home decor Pinterest boards. Not joking. Not even a little bit. Each property is not only child-friendly, but can only be listed if children are welcome.

New York, London, Paris, Munich?

The Aribau Street Residence
Barcelona, Spain
3 Bedrooms | 3 Baths
180.00 EUR / Night

What about Aribau Street in Barcelona’s Sant Gervasi district? I told you, beyond. This penthouse flat with elevator opening directly into the apartment, is in a safe, friendly neighborhood and is walking distance from parks, restaurants and one of the city’s most famous markets.

And Kid & Coe is just as perfect for domestic travel or long weekend getaways as well. Whether it be a villa in Palm Springs, a New York loft or a dreamy Leavenworth residence in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco. Some properties like Leavenworth are offered with an Audi Q5, that can be arranged for optional car hire as well.

Have your people call my people. I mean it.

Not really, I just alway wanted to say that. But, seriously. Let’s do lunch.

The end.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I could not help but notice your obsession with vacation rentals 🙂 I am the same way, perhaps to an even worse extreme. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many rental owners and property managers across the US. I’ve stayed at historic homes, rustic cabins (squeaky beds and all), and what I would call a castle. I also grew up at a cabin resort in northern Wisconsin.

    Because you are such a fan of vacation rentals and websites, I was wondering if you could check out what we are doing and give us some feedback. I am rolling out several (state by state) book direct rental websites; starting with Wisconsin in 2009 and New York in 2014. There are not a lot of choices on the NY site, but I am just getting started.

    As a ‘renting expert’ I would love to get your feedback:

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