Shore Hotel Santa Monica

Shore Hotel, Santa Monica

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There is a moment during everyone’s trip to Santa Monica when you find the perfect spot on Ocean Avenue, glance at the surf and think, “I could live here forever.” Don’t fight it, it is bound to happen. Santa Monica is a magical place where the city meets the sand, and sunsets rival those you’ve seen in coffee table books. The people are beautiful and dancing neon lights from the Santa Monica Pier celebrate Route 66.

Shore Hotel Santa Monica

But you don’t necessarily have to move to Santa Monica. There is a boutique hotel nestled directly across the water where you can stay, and soak up everything you love about this lively beach town right from your private balcony. Welcome to the Shore Hotel.

Green and gorgeous

Nothing screams quaint or traditional at this property. It’s modern, crisp and seksi. And it’s also smart. Shore Hotel is a luxury sustainable property that is gold LEED certified. It’s hard to believe that luxury can be green — however, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint just by being a guest at Shore Hotel.

Shore Hotel Santa Monica

Then there is the seksi part. The rooms. Always request a room with a view, and you can thank me later. In a twist, I wish I could say the scenery was my favorite part of the King Ocean View Premier, but it is actually the bathroom. You have not lived until you’ve have felt the water pressure of this rain shower beat down on your soul. It surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced. It is a cleansing… a baptism… a rebirth. Oh, and by the way, it’s a peek-a-boo shower so you are basically Rosie the goldfish from Elmo’s World during this entire religious experience. Have no fear, with one tiny push of a button, the shade comes down and Voila! Insta-privacy.

Eat. Stay. Play.

Shore Hotel does not have a restaurant onsite, but is positioned in between great eateries. No car needed, in fact — bikes are optional too. Blue Plate Taco is maybe 100 feet from the entrance if you are up for hip Mexican cuisine. Not in the mood for margaritas? Try Seasons 52 or Del Frescos. With the fam? I happen to be a big fan of True Food Kitchen. There is something for everyone on the menu and it’s always flavorful. Recently, I was turned on to the edamame dumplings (thank you, Liz!) and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since!

 Shore Hotel Santa Monica

Butterfly and backstroke

And reverse… back to Shore Hotel. Now that you know why I enjoyed my stay, I will chime in with why Lil’ Miss Thang (age 6,) was a fan. Two words: The Pool. She was up in my grill the moment the tiniest bit of light peeked through the blackout curtains begging to dive in. I finally folded like an envelope and took her down to show her how cold the water was at 7:01 a.m. And for the first time ever, my mommy-ness failed me big time and I was WRONG! Whaaaaaaaa? Huh? It was beautiful. The temp was warm enough for a big sissy like me to jump in, but cold enough where I didn’t feel like my heart was going to stop. I didn’t even have to do the weird bop dance where your arms are at 90 degree angles. C’mon, you so know what I’m talking about.

So the next time you find yourself in Santa Monica, dreaming about moving, just do yourself a favor and visit the Shore Hotel. You can’t go wrong. It’s exactly what you imagine LA to be — only with sand.

The end.

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  1. Love these images, especially the sunset reflecting in the windows of the hotel…lovely!

  2. This places looks beautiful and so very modern, love it! This Florida gals needs to make the long trip over. 😉

  3. This hotel sounds AMAZING! I worked right off the Promenade in Santa Monica right out of college and loved the atmosphere down there. I would love to have a staycation there! And as always, your writing delights me.

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