Dorm room DIY for the No-Mess-Mom

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DIY crafts, and life hacks are great ways to personalize your own space. In fact, coming up with new ways to redecorate and organize my room at college is one of my favorite hobbies. While I enjoy getting in touch with my creative side, my No-Mess-Mom is less than thrilled. There is nothing worse than seeing my mom’s disapproving look as acrylic paint dries on her precious hardwood floors.

Dorm room DIY for the No-Mess-MomWhen it came time to move into dorm room at college, I knew I needed to come up with crafts that were easy, and would be approved by my clean-obsessed mother. These simple and inexpensive crafts will turn any old cement box into an Instagram-worthy dorm room fit for any freshman. Most importantly, they are mess free!

DIY dorm room crafts for the no-mess-Mom DIY dorm room crafts for the no-mess-Mom

Animal organization jars

Adding personality to my dorm room, especially since most dorm rooms look like a giant cement box, makes it feel more like my own. This craft is super easy and simple.


  • 1 plastic animal figurine
  • A can of spray paint in your desired colour
  • 1 mason jar
  • Gorilla glue


  1. Remove the Mason jar lid and set the jar aside.
  2. Glue the animal figurine to the lid and press down to ensure it sticks.
  3. Once dry, spray paint the figurine and lid in any color of your choice.
  4. I recommend doing this outside. Simply painting the figurine and lid with acrylic paint works just as well and is great if you are tight on space and time.
  5. When the lid is dry, simply screw on the lid and fill the jar with school supplies or candy.

Easy DIY dorm projects

Easy DIY dorm projects

Vintage whiteboard

Like many other young adults, I am very forgetful, so it is important that I write down everything — from school assignments to my plans with friends. I found I was going through sticky-pads like no tomorrow, and I hated all the waste it created. This cute craft is simple and can be kept on a dorm room desk, or even add magnets to hang on a fridge to remember those essay deadlines.


  • Picture frame of any size
  • Patterned paper
  • Dry erase marker


  1. All you need to do is cut the patterned paper to size and insert in photo frame.
  2. You can choose to print the patterned paper or splurge and buy patterned scrapbooking paper from any craft store. It’s that easy, and definitely No-Mess-Mom approved.
Desk organization

I am big on making all my belongings serve a purpose. One thing I did inherit from my mom is her organizations skills, and there is nothing that stresses me out more than a messy desk with papers everywhere. This simple organization craft will keep your desk clear and papers organized.


  • Magazine holders, as many as desired
  • Patterned paper
  • Glue
  • Stick on name tag (optional)


  1. You can buy magazine holder from Staples or even some Dollar stores.
  2. Cut the patterned paper to size and glue around the magazine holder.
  3. Add a nametag if you want to label the covers for classes or important information like tuition bills, grocery receipts, and old tests.
  4. Place the new magazine covers on a bookshelf backwards, with the taller end facing out to hide everything and give a clutter free look.

Gillian Newman, a creative college correspondent, contributed this article!

How are you decorating your dorm room?

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