DIY Patch Denim Jacket

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If you haven’t noticed already, the patch trend is everywhere, especially on children’s clothing. Every store from Zara and H&M to independent boutiques are showing patches on sneakers, hats, sweats, denim, and phone cases…and the list goes on.

patch denim

While out shopping for my two-year-old daughter, Elle, I picked up adorable sundresses and t-shirts sporting this trend. However, I never found the perfect patch denim jacket, so I decided to do it myself!

perfect patches

Finding the perfect patches

First, I began looking for the perfect patches that I would like and that would represent things that my little girl loves. I went on the hunt for all things Elle: rainbows, unicorns, lipstick, strawberries, and our mutually favorite food — french fries! I decided to head to Etsy, where I have been very successful finding things in the past.

I’ve ordered custom party decor, nursery decor, halloween costumes and much more from there so I knew I’d find just what I was looking for. I also love the ease of online shopping; being able to compare products and their prices and then having them shipped right to my door, makes shopping on sites like Etsy an absolute pleasure.

Sure enough, I found what I was looking for, added them to my cart, and pressed that all-too satisfying “submit order” button! I ordered extra patches in a variety of styles so I could lay out different options before beginning the ironing.

Important! Make sure you choose iron-on patches and not simply adhesive. Otherwise, they might melt!

perfect patches

The hunt for the perfect denim jacket

Now that my patches were on their way, I needed to find a denim jacket that would be the perfect canvas for my little DIY project. I ended up finding a simple denim jacket that came in both a light and dark wash. I chose to go with a size a little larger than Elle would typically wear because I wanted the jacket to take her through spring and summer and into the fall.

Basic denim jacket

The process

What you will need:

  • Iron
  • Towels
  • White pillowcase
Step 1: Setting up your iron

Now while you can do this on an ironing board, I find them too narrow for this type of project and recommend finding a countertop that will allow you to lay out the jacket and the patches properly. Word to the wise though, make sure you place towels UNDERNEATH the jacket to protect the countertop. Then, heat the iron to its maximum heat level.


Step 2: Laying out your patches

While your iron is heating up, place the jacket face down and work on the back of the jacket first. Make sure to set aside the patches you would like to use for the front of the jacket. I wanted a polished look so I chose to only use a handful of patches on the back (five to be exact).

Step 3: Ironing

Before braving the iron, take the white pillowcase and place it over the patches to protect them from the heat. The instructions that came with my patches said to place the iron on each patch for 35-45 seconds, then flip over the jacket and repeat on the other side so that it adheres to the fabric. I found however, that 35-45 seconds once on each side wasn’t enough. Also, doing one patch at a time meant that I would have to keep laying out my patches over and over again as they would fall off when I flipped the jacket.

Instead, I did the entire back of the jacket first. I placed the iron over each patch for about 45 seconds, then flipped the jacket over and repeated on the interior of the jacket. I repeated this step at least three times to make sure my patches wouldn’t fall off (or get pulled off by curious little fingers). I then did the same for the front.

What patches will you be adding your wardrobe this season?

Amanda Rothschild is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. She loves fashion and beauty, party-planning, and traveling. Amanda shares her favourite looks, family moments, and travel adventures on Instagram. She and her husband have a two and a half year old little girl and are expecting their second child this coming fall. @amanda_rothschild

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