Why Instagram Stories?

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Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook stories. With so many options to choose from, where should you spend your energy?

Instagram vs. Snapchat

instagram vs snapchat

Since Instagram introduced face-filters, many users migrated from Snapchat to Instagram. It begs me to ask: What is the appeal of Instagram versus Snapchat?

The younger generation still enjoys the benefits of 10 second-or-less photos and footage. Recently, though, my cohorts opt for an Insta-story rather than a Snap-Story.

Why? One opinion suggests an Instagram Story reaches a wider audience and is more impersonal. There’s nothing I like better than shouting into a void. As well, it’s more convenient to have every function in a single app. While Snapchat caters to a more personal audience, or an “in-group”, Instagram delivers the same function in a wider context.


The Facebook giant is grasping at the coattails of the older generation. Facebook also introduced a story feature in pursuit of remaining relevant. Yet, only two of my 1,000+ Facebook friends use the Facebook story, which has led me to observe that the Facebook Story is a colossal flop.

The divide seems pretty clear. Snapchat caters to Generation Z, and Millenials opt for Instagram stories. Facebook, the monolithic giant, is losing relevancy.

The Savvy Sassy Moms Instagram stories show followers a glimpse a into their daily lives. See how their lives with kids really look and watch how to maintain a work-life balance!

This article was contributed by Hailey Kobrin, our teen correspondent. 

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