Dancing with the Stars Finale (I was there)

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I was invited by AT &T to the season Finale of Dancing with the Stars last night and unfortunatly I haven’t watched this season at all.  I have watched past seasons and got very invested, but for some reason just not this one.  However,  my Mom is obsessed with the show and refuses to take phone calls while watching it.  So when I got the invitation, I could not turn it down.   But if I am being very honest, I wasn’t that crazy excited to go.   (I may be slightly jaded when it comes to some of these things, when you live in LA the celebrity thing just isn’t that big of deal) However, I was very impressed and it was a fantastic show to see live!

Now, I am a blogger/social media girl so when they took my phone at security check in I immediately started to get light headed and felt a burning sensation on the back of my neck.   I don’t understand, I want to tweet and share my experience with the world, in real time!  I had been silenced.   I was escorted inside and left to find my name on a chair. Naturally I started looking towards the back of the room, but to my surprise I was seated in the 2nd row and next to Joey Lawerence!  Don’t get too excited,  he was a no show.  There really wasn’t a bad seat in the house but mine was super up close and personal and only four seats away from Kelly Preston.  The stage and set look much smaller in real life then on TV, but this I already knew and expected.

So while we had to be in our seats well before the actual taping, they kept us well entertained.  We even got to see to see two of the performances that they had to record for tonight’s show!  (Yup, that’s TV magic people, sorry.)  So I saw the Go’ Go’s performance and a top secret guest appearance, that I will not spill the beans about!  But let’s just say my jaw dropped and my heart melted, this  guy can sing!   The entire taping went really fast, it was upbeat, fun and very exciting!

The Dancing of the Stars…

Kristie and Maksim –  They were great and I give Kristie Alley so much credit for Rockin it at 60, she was truly amazing! Makism in real life is beyond HOT, I mean really, he is just sick to look at!  I could write an entire blog post about him alone.  Ridiculous.

Mark & Chelsea –  Chelsea and Mark are sweet, young and so energetic.  Their Free Style was unbelievable and probably my favorite of the whole night, I loved the lights!  Sadly, I do not think they will win it though.

Kim & Hines – I loved both of their dances and thought they were Outstanding!  Their free style was perfection and the lifts were spectacular.  Hines had an entire Pittsburgh Steelers fan section rooting for him.  Kim as always been such a classy dancer on the show, even when given some rough celebrities to work with and Hines is pure dedication.

My Savvy Sassy Prediction…

I want Kim and Hines to take that Mirror Trophey home!



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  1. COOL!!!!!!!!!! I also want Hines to take it!!!! Love your dress!!!!!

  2. Way to go making me even more jealous!! Maks is one of the reasons why I love the show! Glad you had fun!!!

  3. How super fun is that?! That would be so fun to see live! Glad you had fun! 🙂

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