“Don’t Fret the Sweat” Victorious Concert

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Savvy Sassy Girls and Dad with the Cast of Victorious!

This is one of those times when I got the “Cool Mom” badge of honor!  The minute I got this e-mail invite to the “Don’t Fret the Sweat Concert” I almost screamed like I was 13, because my daughter is a BIG fan, and well I’ve seen just about every episode of Victorious too.  Then I saw the date and my heart sank, it was the same night as my Bumpin’ Shower event.  How was I going to swing this?  Insert Savvy Sassy Daddy to the rescue.  He will do anything for his little girl, so I convinced him to take McKenna and her best friend to the concert.  I so wish I could have been there to see the look on her face, but I know there shall be plenty more to come and at least she has a rock star dad!

My daughter is the little one in the purple skirt, yes she is tiny.  That is McKenna’s BFF in the polk-a-dotted dress, both 1st graders one the tallest and one the shortest;)   When they stepped up to get their picture taken Kat told BFF that she loved the glitter in her hair and told McKenna she liked her skirt!  Savvy Sassy Daddy said that BFF was totally star struck and giddy, while McKenna was super “chillaxed”.  She doesn’t get too over excited about things nope,  my girl is like a calm little old lady.  The cast sang about 5 songs, but one of the songs missing was “Beggin on your Knees” the crowd chanted for them to sing that one, but sadly they couldn’t.  Today I printed off the picture for McKenna to take to school, because some of her friends wanted to see some proof – well now she’s got it!

So what is “Don’t Fret the Sweat” about?  Well, if you have girls in their tweens you know that they are going through some uncomfortable transistions, so Degree Girl has some protection for keeping kids cool for all those OMG moments. Your girls can even join the Degree Girl Network and visit the OMG Girl Lounge!  OMG;)

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P.S.  (From Savvy Sassy Daddy) The last song they played was by the Jackson 5. Savvy Sassy Mom is a closet Michael Jackson fan… So, she woulda loved that. Afterwards I took the girls for some ice cream near Hollywood Blvd. Don’t tell momma, but I had a really nice time and would be happy to do it again. In fact, looks like there’s a Judy Moody event tomorrow that I’m having to fill in for as well. Beats sittin’ home starin’ at the computer while the kids stare at the TV, right?

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  2. LOVE IT!!!! Go Savvy Sassy Daddy to the rescue… You’ll r just one Savvy Sassy Family! 🙂

  3. WHAT A GREAT & exciting event for all involved.
    So glad it worked out.So adorable and memorable for years ahead !!!!!!!!!!!! Good goin’ SSM & SSD….
    You rock…………………………………..

  4. I get to watch that show all the time thanks to my husband’s love for Teen Nick. Kat is my favorite, so awesome they got to meet them all!

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